Painted jezebel Delias hyparete, photographed by Apisit Wilaijit.

Belongs within: Pieridae.

Delias, the jezebels, is a genus of butterflies found in the Indo-Pacific region. Larvae of the great majority of species feed on mistletoes and sandalwoods of the Santalales. The fore wings of Delias have three branches on the radial vein with R2 absent and R4+5 as a single vein stalked with R3 (Braby 2000).

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<==Delias Hübner 1819 B00
    `--D. (Cathaemia Hübner 1820) F55
         |--D. (C.) caeneus (Linnaeus 1758) F55
         |--D. (C.) hyparete F55
         |    |--D. h. hyparete F55
         |    |--D. h. domorana Fruhstorfer 1911 F55
         |    |--D. h. lucina Distant 1887 F55
         |    `--D. h. luzonensis (Felder 1852) (see below for synonymy) F55
         |--D. (C.) poecilea (Vollenhoven 1865) F55
         `--D. (C.) rosenbergi (Vollenhoven 1865) [=Pieris rosenbergi] F55
              |--D. r. rosenbergi F55
              `--D. r. lorquini (Felder 1865) F55

Delias incertae sedis:
  D. aestiva Butler 1897 [=D. mysis aestiva] B12
  D. aganippe (Donovan 1805) B00
  D. aglaia F55
    |--D. a. aglaia F55
    |--D. a. egialea (Cramer 1777) F55
    `--D. a. pandecta Staudinger 1889 F55
  D. argenthona (Fabricius 1793) B00
    |--D. a. argenthona B12
    `--D. a. fragalactea (Butler 1869) B12
  D. aruna (Boisduval 1832) B00
    |--D. a. aruna B00
    `--D. a. inferna Butler 1871 (see below for synonymy) B00
  D. baracasa Semper 1890 F55
  D. belisama AYI11
  D. blanca (Felder 1865) [=Pieris blanca] F55
  D. chrysomelaena (Vollenhoven 1866) F55
  D. diaphana Semper 1878 F55
  D. dorylaea Felder 1865 [incl. D. dorylaea var. altivaga Fruhstorfer 1894] F55
  D. ennia (Wallace 1867) B00
    |--D. e. ennia B00
    |--D. e. nigidius Miskin 1884 B00
    `--D. e. tindalii Joicey & Talbot 1926 B00
  D. georgina Felder 1865 F55
  D. harpalyce (Donovan 1805) B00
  D. henningia (Eschscholtz 1821) F55
    |--D. h. henningia (see below for synonymy) F55
    |--D. h. camotana Fruhstorfer 1910 F55
    |--D. h. ottonia Semper 1890 F55
    |--D. h. pandemia (Wallace 1867) F55
    `--D. h. voconia Fruhstorfer 1910 F55
  D. isse Cramer 1775 F55
  D. lytaea Godman & Salvin 1878 F55
  D. mysis (Fabricius 1775) B12
    |--D. m. mysis [incl. D. mysis waterhousei Talbot 1928–1937] B00
    `--D. m. onca Fruhstorfer 1910 B00
  D. nigrina (Fabricius 1775) B00
  D. nysa (Fabricius 1775) B00
    |--D. n. nysa B00
    `--D. n. nivira Waterhouse & Lyell 1914 B00
  D. themis Hewitson 1861 F55
  D. zebuda (Hewitson 1862) F55

Delias aruna inferna Butler 1871 [incl. D. aruna arovana Fruhstorfer 1911, D. aruna irma Fruhstorfer 1907] B00

Delias henningia henningia (Eschscholtz 1821) [incl. D. henningia hemera Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910, D. henningia lucerna (Butler 1869), D. henningia var. ochreopicta (Butler 1869)] F55

Delias (Cathaemia) hyparete luzonensis (Felder 1852) [incl. D. hyparete luzonensis f. mindanaensis Mitis 1893, D. hyparete mindorensis Fruhstorfer 1910] F55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AYI11] Amanda, T. P. O., S. Yaakop & A. B. Idris. 2011. A catalogue of the genus-group Theronia (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) from Sundaland. Serangga 16 (1): 75–89.

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[B12] Braby, M. F. 2012. The butterflies of El Questro Wilderness Park, with remarks on the taxonomy of the Kimberley fauna, Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 27 (2): 161–175.

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Last updated: 1 March 2021.

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