Lydamis centralis, from the Smithsonian Institution Department of Entomology.

Belongs within: Baridinae.

Lydamis is a genus of weevils found in Central and South America, characterised by the possession of relatively long and slender tarsal claws (Casey 1922).

Characters (from Casey 1922): Body rhomboidal, generally densely clothed with variegated scales; beak evenly arcuate, cylindric and strongly sculptured; antennae medial, first two segments of funicle rather elongate, subequal, two to four also more or less elongate and decreasing gradually, the outer three short, club elongate-oval, gradually pointed and with its first segment much less than half the mass. Scutellum well-developed, transverse, flat, densely clothed, with its hind margin somewhat sharply angulate.

    |--L. bifasciata Hustache 1949 H49
    |--L. cinnamomeus Champion 1907 D09
    |--L. conicicollis Hustache 1949 H49
    |--L. funebris Hustache 1949 H49
    |--L. nitida Hustache 1949 H49
    |--L. obscura Hustache 1949 [incl. L. obscura var. unicolor Hustache 1949] H49
    |--L. pumila Hustache 1949 H49
    |--L. subaurata Hustache 1949 [=L. punctella ms] H49
    |--L. venezuelana Hustache 1949 H49
    `--L. vicina Hustache 1949 H49

*Type species of generic name indicated


Casey, T. L. 1922. Memoirs on the Coleoptera vol. 10. Studies in the rhynchophorous subfamily Barinae of the Brazilian fauna. New Era Printing Company: Lancaster (PA).

[D09] Davis, S. R. 2009. Morphology of Baridinae and related groups (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). ZooKeys 10: 1-136.

[H49] Hustache, A. 1949. Nouveaux Barinae Sud Américains. Première partie—Ambatini, Peridinetini, Pantotelini, Cyrionichyna et Optanini. Boletim do Museu Nacional, nova serie, Zoologia 95: 1-55.

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