Mesopsocus immunis, photographed by Dioctria (David).

Belongs within: Homilopsocidea.
Contains: Peripsocidae, Philotarsidae.

The Peripsocoidea is a clade of bark or stone-surface dwelling barklice, females of which have a strongly sclerotised and square-shaped dorsal valve to the gonapophyses (Yoshizawa 2002).

Characters (from Yoshizawa 2002): Small to large in size, about 2–5 mm in length. Body whitish in ground colour with blackish-brown markings or wholly blackish-brown. Head with rounded vertex; postclypeus well bulged; epicranial suture with (Mesopsocidae) or without broad internal ridge; anteclypeus sclerotized or not (Mesopsocidae). Forewing coloration, venation, and ciliation variable. Hindwing ciliation variable; Rs and M + Cu separate (most Mesopsocidae), or fused for short (Philotarsidae) or long (Peripsocidae) distance basally; Rs and M fused. Tarsi 2- (Peripsocidae) or 3-segmented; claws with preapical tooth; pulvillus narrow. Abdomen without eversible vesicles ventrally. Male genitalia: hypandrium usually simple except Philotarsus. Phallosome variable; aedeagus rounded (most of Mesopsocidae and Philotarsidae) or pointed apically; phallobase united and rounded apically; endophallus with (Bryopsocidae, Peripsocidae, and some Philotarsidae) or without sclerites. Female genitalia: epiproct usually rectangular in dorsal aspect except rounded in Bryopsocidae. Subgenital plate with 1-lobed egg guide extended from dorsal margin. Gonapophyses complete; ventral valve and dorsal valve strongly united, forming ovipositor; dorsal valve strongly sclerotized, somewhat rectangular in lateral aspect, with or without (Peripsocidae) subapical process; external valve variable.

    |--Bryopsocus Thornton, Wong & Smithers 1977 SN04 [Bryopsocidae Y02]
    |    |--B. angulatus (Smithers 1969) SN04
    |    `--B. townsendi (Smithers 1969) SN04 [=Austropsocus townsendi Y02]
    `--+--Peripsocidae Y02
       `--+--Philotarsidae Y02
          `--Mesopsocidae Y02
               |  i. s.: Idatenopsocus orientalis Y02
               |         Hexacyrtoma Enderlein 1908 SN04
               |         Newipsocus Badonnel & Lienhard 1988 SN04
               |         Mesopsocopsis Badonnel & Lienhard 1988 SN04
               |         Acmomesopsocus Li 2002 L02b
               |           `--*A. tibeticus Li 2002 L02b
               |         Aphanomesopsocus Li 2002 L02b
               |           |--*A. fuscus Li 2002 L02b
               |           |--A. bipunctatus Li 2002 L02b
               |           `--A. furvus Li 2002 L02b
               |         Oegomesopsocus Li 2002 L02b
               |           `--*O. guangxiensis Li 2002 L02b
               |         Conomesopsocus Li 2002 L02b
               |           `--*C. melanostigmus Li 2002 L02b
               |         Microtrichopsocus Badonnel & Lienhard 1988 L02b
               |--+--Psoculus Roesler 1954 SN04
               |  `--+--Psoculidus Badonnel & Lienhard 1988 SN04
               |     `--Palmicola Mockford 1955 SN04
               |          |--*P. aphrodite Mockford 1955 SN04
               |          `--P. solitaria Mockford 1955 M93
               `--Mesopsocus Kolbe 1880 SN04 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--*M. unipunctatus (Müller 1764) (see below for synonymy) M93
                    |--M. boops (Hagen 1859) [=Psocus boops, Elipsocus boops] SN04
                    |--M. brachyonematus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. corniculatus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. curvimarginatus Li 2002 [=L. curvimangiratus] L02b
                    |--M. dichotomus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. diopsis Enderlein 1902 E07
                    |--M. dislobus Yoshizawa 1998 SN04
                    |--M. helvsticus Lienhard 1977 L02b
                    |--M. hongkongensis Thornton 1959 SN04
                    |--M. immunis (Stephens 1836) [=Psocus immunis] M93
                    |--M. jiensis Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. jinicus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. laricolus Li 2002 L02b [=M. laricis L02a]
                    |--M. laticeps (Kolbe 1880) SN04 [=Elipsocus laticeps M93, Holoneura laticeps M93]
                    |--M. lucitanus M93
                    |--M. montinus Enderlein 1907 E07
                    |--M. nasutus E07
                    |--M. neimongolicus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. nigrimaculatus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. phaeodematus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. salignus Li 2002 L02b
                    |--M. stenoperus Li 2002 [=M. stenopterou] L02b
                    |--M. strongylotus Li 2002 L02b
                    `--M. yeni New 1991 SN04

Mesopsocus Kolbe 1880 SN04 [incl. Holoneura Tetens 1891 M93, Lobocoria Enderlein 1910 L02b, Trocticus Bertkau 1883 M93]

*Mesopsocus unipunctatus (Müller 1764) [=Hemerobius unipunctatus, Elipsocus unipunctatus, Holoneura unipunctatus; incl. Hemerobius aphidioides Schrank 1781, Elipsocus aphidioides, Trocticus gibbulus Bertkau 1883, Psocus longicornis Stephens 1836 non Hemerobius longicornis Fabricius 1777 (not preoc. if dif. gen.), P. naso Rambur 1842, P. obliteratus Zetterstedt 1840, P. oculatus Zetterstedt 1840, P. signatus Hagen 1861, Elipsocus signatus, Caecilius vitripennis Curtis 1837] M93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E07] Enderlein, G. 1907. Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Schwedischen Zoologischen Expedition nach dem Kilimandjaro, dem Meru und den Umgebenden Massaisteppen Deutsch-Ostafrikas 1905–1906, vol. 15. Corrodentia, pt 2. Copeognatha. Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri-A. B.: Uppsala.

[L02a] Li F. 2002a. Psocoptera of China vol. 1. Science Press: Beijing.

[L02b] Li F. 2002b. Psocoptera of China vol. 2. Science Press: Beijing.

[M93] Mockford, E. L. 1993. North American Psocoptera (Insecta). Sandhill Crane Press, Inc.

[SN04] Schmidt, E. R., & T. R. New. 2004. A systematic and phylogenetic revision of the family Elipsocidae (Insecta: Psocoptera), with the erection of two new families: Lesneiidae and Sabulopsocidae. Invertebrate Systematics 18: 157-213.

[Y02] Yoshizawa, K. 2002. Phylogeny and higher classification of suborder Psocomorpha (Insecta: Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera’). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 136: 371-400.

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