Lachesilla pedicularia, photographed by Alby Oakshott.

Belongs within: Lachesilloidea.

Lachesilla is a speciose genus of barklice with very sparse and short ciliation on the forewing and a distally open phallosome in the males (Mockford 1993).

Characters (from Mockford 1993): Ocelli present. In forewing, Rs fork stem only slightly curved; veins Cu1a free from M. Phallosome with base an apodeme or two separate apodemes; aedeagal arch absent, external parameres absent as such. Hypandrium usually bearing pair of lateral processes ('claspers'). Ovipositor valvulae: v3 usually rounded at apex, occasionally pointed but point never spinose.

<==Lachesilla Westwood 1840 SN04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--+--L. corona Chapman 1930 M93
    |  `--L. dividiforceps M93
    |--+--L. delta M93
    |  `--L. texcocana García Aldrete 1972 M93
    |--+--L. sulcata García Aldrete 1986 M93
    |  `--L. tapanatepeca M93
    |--+--L. centralis García Aldrete 1983 M93
    |  |--L. cintalapa García Aldrete 1983 M93
    |  `--L. perezi García Aldrete 1983 M93
    |--+--L. riegeli Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. tropica García Aldrete 1982 M93
    |  `--L. ultima García Aldrete 1982 M93
    |--+--L. andra Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. arnae Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. dona Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. kerzhneri M93
    |  |--L. kola Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. nubilis (Aaron 1886) [=Caecilius nubilis] M93
    |  |--L. nubiloides García Aldrete 1975 M93
    |  `--L. punctata (Banks 1905) [=Elipsocus punctatus] M93
    |--+--L. pedicularia (Linnaeus 1758) M93 (see below for synonymy)
    |  |--L. bernardi M93
    |  |--L. dimorpha M93
    |  |--L. greeni (Pearman 1933) [=Terracaecilius greeni] M93
    |  |--L. pacifica Chapman 1930 [incl. L. silvicola Chapman 1930, L. telsa Sommerman 1946] M93
    |  |--L. pallida (Chapman 1930) [=Terracaecilius pallidus] M93
    |  |--L. rena Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. rossica M93
    |  |--L. tectorum Badonnel 1931 M93
    |  `--+--L. aethiopica (Enderlein 1902) [=Pterodela pedicularia var. aethiopica] M93
    |     `--L. nuptialis M93
    |--+--L. alpejia García Aldrete 1988 M93
    |  |--L. anna Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. bottimeri Mockford & Gurney 1956 M93
    |  |--L. chapmani Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  |--L. contraforcepeta Chapman 1930 M93
    |  |--L. denticulata García Aldrete 1988 M93
    |  |--L. forcepeta Chapman 1930 M93
    |  |--L. gracilis García Aldrete 1988 M93
    |  |--L. kathrynae Mockford & Gurney 1956 M93
    |  |--L. major Chapman 1930 [=L. forcepeta var. major] M93
    |  |--L. penta Sommerman 1946 M93
    |  `--L. sandersoni Mockford 1974 M74
    `--+--L. fuscipalpis Badonnel 1971 M93
       `--+--L. abiesicola M93
          |--L. arida Chapman 1930 M93
          |--L. broadheadi M93
          |--L. chiricahua García Aldrete 1990 M93
          |--L. cupressicola M93
          |--L. jeanae Sommerman 1946 M93
          |--L. nita Sommerman 1946 M93
          |--L. pinicola M93
          |--L. rufa (Walsh 1863) [=Psocus rufus, Caecilius rufus, Pterodela rufa; incl. C. impacatus Aaron 1886] M93
          |--L. turneri M93
          |--L. yakima Mockford & García Aldrete 1974 M93
          `--L. yuccalnicola M93

Lachesilla incertae sedis:
  L. aldretei Badonnel 1986 B86
  L. anura B55
  L. cameruna B55
  L. cornisterna B86
  L. cornuta Badonnel 1948 B49
  L. crutifurcus Li 2002 L02a
  L. fusca Badonnel 1949 B49
  L. gigantea B55
  L. graminicola Badonnel 1986 B86
  L. juniperana Garcia Aldrete 1991 L02b
  L. latinerva Badonnel 1955 B55
  L. micrura Badonnel 1955 B55
  L. monocera Li 2002 L02b
  L. mucronata Badonnel 1946 B55
  L. pachyura Badonnel 1955 B55
  L. rhizophila Li 2002 L02a
  L. septenaria Li 2002 L02b
  L. ximaensis Li 2002 L02b

Nomen nudum: Lachesilla albertina García Aldrete in Mockford 1993 M93

Lachesilla Westwood 1840 SN04 [incl. Leptopsocus Reuter 1899 M93, Pterodela Kolbe 1880 M93, Terracaecilius Chapman 1930 M93]

Lachesilla pedicularia (Linnaeus 1758) M93 [=Hemerobius pedicularius M93, Caecilius pedicularius M93, Psocus pedicularius M93, C. (Pterodela) pedicularia M93; incl. Hemerobius abdominalis Fabricius 1775 M93, Psocus abdominalis M93, Ps. binotatus Rambur 1842 M93, Pterodela pedicularia var. brevipennis Enderlein 1903 M93, Ps. domesticus Burmeister 1839 M93, Ps. dubius Stephens 1836 M93, Leptopsocus exiguus Reuter 1899 M93, Termes fatidicum Linnaeus 1758 M93, Atropos fatidicus M93, Hemaes fatidicum L02b, Hemerobius fatidicus M93, Hyperetes fatidicus M93, *Lachesilla fatidica L02b, Lachesis fatidica M93, Psocus fatidicus M93, Hemerobius flavicans Linnaeus 1746 (pre-Linnean) L02b, Elipsocus flavicans L02b, Psocus geologus Walsh 1862 M93, Pterodela pedicularia ab. giardi Enderlein 1901 M93, Lachesilla limbata Enderlein 1924 M93, Ps. nigricans Stephens 1836 M93, Caecilius nigrotuberculatus Curran 1925 M93, Hemerobius pusillus Müller 1776 M93, Caecilius pusillus M93, Psocus pusillus M93, Ps. salicis Hagen 1861 M93, Caecilius salicis M93, Lachesilla stigmalis Navás 1932 M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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