Blue Mountain butterfly Papilio ulysses, photographed by Gary Fortington.

Belongs within: Papilionidae.

Papilio is a large cosmopolitan genus of butterflies, including the swallowtails and related taxa.

Papilio [Papilionini]
    |--P. admetus Esper 1785 B08
    |--P. anchisiades Esper 1788 S55
    |--P. andraemon USDI77
    |    |--P. a. andraemon USDI77
    |    `--P. a. bonhotei USDI77
    |--P. androgeus [incl. P. a. androgeus f. piranthus Cramer 1779] S55
    |--P. argentus B66
    |--P. aristodemus USDI77
    |    |--P. a. aristodemus USDI77
    |    `--P. a. ponceanus USDI77
    |--P. bianor TYM08
    |    |--P. b. bianor TYM08
    |    `--P. b. kawauchii Nakamura 1932 TYM08
    |--P. brucei P27
    |--P. caudius B66
    |--P. ceronus Esper 1793 B08
    |--P. dardanus C96
    |--P. dasarada DS73
    |--P. demetrius TYM08
    |    |--P. d. demetrius TYM08
    |    `--P. d. kariyai Nakamura 1934 TYM08
    |--P. demolion Cramer 1776 BF08
    |--P. diphilus [incl. P. polydorus] WM66
    |--P. epidaus Doubleday 1846 FS54
    |--P. erithonius WM66
    |--P. eurybia Ochsenheimer 1808 B08
    |--P. garleppi Staudinger 1892 S55
    |--P. glaucus Linnaeus 1758 S-BF05
    |--P. helenus TYM08
    |    |--P. h. helenus TYM08
    |    `--P. h. nicconicolens [incl. P. helenus nicconicolens ab. kiiensis Nakamura 1936] TYM08
    |--P. homerus HT01
    |--P. laglaizei DS73
    |--P. machaon Linnaeus 1758 S-BF05
    |--P. macleayanus P27
    |--P. pammon WM66
    |--P. philolaus Boisduval 1836 FS54
    |--P. philoxenus DS73
    |--P. photinus Doubleday 1844 FS54
    |--P. polydamas Linnaeus 1758 FS54
    |--P. polyxenes FS54
    |    |--P. p. polyxenes FS54
    |    `--P. p. stabilis Rothschild & Jordan 1906 FS54
    |--P. rhetenor DS73
    |--P. schmeltzi PP02
    |--P. thoas [incl. P. thoas var. cinyras Ménétriés 1857] S55
    |    |--P. t. thoas FS54
    |    |--P. t. autocles Rothschild & Jordan 1906 FS54
    |    `--P. t. nealces Rothschild & Jordan 1906 FS54
    |--P. torquatus B66
    `--P. ulysses G32

*Type species of generic name indicated


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