Pseudopsocus rostocki, photographed by David Jones.

Belongs within: Homilopsocidea.
Contains: Hemineura.

The Elipsocidae is a clade of barklice with hindwings (when present) lacking setae or having setae present on the margin only within the radial fork.

Characters (from Schmidt & New 2004): Labrum: pair of small styli present; distal inner surface with eleven sensilla (usually in two series), exceptionally fewer, anterior margin of outer surface with distinct row of four sensilla. Epistomal suture present, clypeal shelf usually broad, sometimes rudimentary or absent (Kilauella). Apex of lacinia with lateral tine larger than median, or truncate. Antenna: 13-segmented (fewer in Nepiomorpha and Sandrapsocus); flagellar segments strongly setose, setae of various lengths (both sexes), uniformly short (both sexes) or strongly dimorphic; distribution of placoid sensilla usually as two basally on f1, one at apices of f4, f6 and f10, latter two placoids with short or long slender filaments; apex of distal segment usually mucronate, sometimes rounded or slender, elongated (Reuterella); apex with rosette of four setae (except Nepiomorpha). Wing margins with minute scales (microvestiture) of various forms. Fore wing: with or without pattern; costa with two rows of setae between apex of pterostigma and wing apex (more in Pseudopsocus and Reuterella); posterior margin with single row of setae emerging from inner margin or centre of costa; basal veins with single or two ranks of setae; vein Cu2 usually setose; areola postica free, joined to vein M or absent (Nepiomorpha); veins Rs and M fused for a length, joined by a cross-vein or meet at a point; vein M usually three-branched. Hind wing: veins Rs and M fused for a length (cross-vein in Reuterella, variable in Pseudopsocus); vein Cu1 joining posterior margin at an acute angle, perpendicular or recurved; veins M+Cu and R basally separated, meet at point or fused for a length; setae absent or on margin only between radial fork, single row emerging from inner, centre or outer margin of costa. Tarsi 3- or sometimes 2-segmented, pulvillus of various forms. Subgenital plate: usually apically rounded, exceptionally with a short or long median lobe, transverse or tapering to a blunt apex; apical margin with one or two groups of setae, exceptionally absent; pair of large median or row of preapical setae; region between margin and preapical setae glabrous (except Nepiomorpha annulatus species-group); membrane usually present medially at apex; anteriorly diverging arms apically wide or narrow. Gonapophyses complete: ventral valve slender, elongated, exceptionally reduced; dorsal valve with divided apex, spine and fleshy lobe variously developed, from base apically enlarged or elongated; junction of dorsal and external valves posterior of base; external valve large (except Weddellopsocus), setose, marginal setae entire or absent dorsolaterally. Hypandrium: simple, transverse or laterally lobed; pair of strong median preapical setae present or absent; setae scattered or laterally developed. Phallosome: frame closed, variable in shape; aedeagus usually narrowing to blunt apex, sometimes flattened or membranous (Palistreptus); endophallic lobes spiculate (except Nepiomorpha and Palistreptus); radular sclerites exceptionally present. Polymorphism common, with the expression of neotenic features. Eggs laid in groups, covered with an encrustation.

    |  i. s.: Metelipsocus Li 2002 SN04
    |           `--*M. qinghaiensis Li 2002 L02
    |--Yuntapsocus Smithers 1997 [Yuntapsocinae] SN04
    |--Elipsocinae [Nepiomorphinae, Pseudopsocinae, Reuterellinae] SN04
    |    |  i. s.: Cretapsocus Vishniakova 1975 SN04
    |    |         Nothopsocus Badonnel 1967 SN04
    |    |           `--*N. oxyurus Badonnel 1967 SN04
    |    |--Sandrapsocus Smithers 1999 SN04
    |    `--+--Roesleria Badonnel 1963 SN04
    |       `--+--+--Hemineura SN04
    |          |  `--Cuneopalpus Badonnel 1943 SN04
    |          |       `--*C. cyanops (Rostock 1876) [=Elipsocus cyanops] M93
    |          `--+--+--Reuterella Enderlein 1903 SN04 [incl. Leptella Enderlein 1901 (preoc.) M93]
    |             |  |    `--*R. helvimacula (Enderlein 1901) (see below for synonymy) M93
    |             |  `--Pseudopsocus Kolbe 1882 SN04
    |             |       |--*P. rostocki Kolbe 1882 L02
    |             |       |--P. acarinatus Li 2002 L02
    |             |       `--P. carinatus Li 1995 L02
    |             `--+--Nepiomorpha Pearman 1936 SN04
    |                |    |--*N. crucifera M93
    |                |    |    |--N. c. crucifera B55
    |                |    |    `--N. c. angolensis Badonnel 1955 B55
    |                |    |--N. annulata Badonnel 1955 B55
    |                |    `--N. peripsocoides Mockford 1955 M93
    |                `--+--+--Ausysium Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    |                   |  |    `--*A. joyceorum Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    |                   |  `--Clinopsocus New 1972 SN04
    |                   |       |--*C. smithersi New 1972 SN04
    |                   |       `--C. phragmitellus (Smithers 1972) [=Nepiomorpha phragmitella] SN04
    |                   `--+--Psocophloea Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    |                      |    `--*P. saharae Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    |                      `--+--Paedomorpha Smithers 1964 SN04
    |                         |    `--P. gayi M83
    |                         `--Villopsocus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    |                              `--*V. tasmaniensis Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
    `--Propsocinae [Propsocini] SN04
         |--+--+--Kilauella Enderlein 1913 SN04
         |  |  `--Palistreptus Enderlein 1920 SN04
         |  `--+--Antarctopsocus Badonnel 1947 SN04
         |     `--+--Pentacladus Enderlein 1906 SN04
         |        `--Propsocus McLachlan 1866 [incl. Tricladellus Enderlein 1909, Tricladus Enderlein 1906] SN04
         |             |--*P. pallipes M93
         |             `--P. pulchripennis (Perkins 1899) (see below for synonymy) M93
         `--+--Weddellopsocus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
            |    |--*W. valdiviensis (Blanchard 1851) [=Psocus valdiviensis] SN04
            |    |--W. avius (Smithers 1964) [=Spilopsocus avius] SN04
            |    |--W. carrilloi (Thornton & Lyall 1978) [=Drymopsocus carrilloi] SN04
            |    |--W. flavus (Thornton & Lyall 1978) [=Drymopsocus flavus] SN04
            |    `--W. griseus (New & Thornton 1981) [=Drymopsocus griseus] SN04
            `--+--Gondwanapsocus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
               |    `--*G. australis Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
               `--+--+--Diademadrilus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                  |  |    |--*D. annulatus (Smithers 1969) [=Spilopsocus annulatus] SN04
                  |  |    `--D. masseyi (New 1971) [=Spilopsocus masseyi] SN04
                  |  `--+--Onychophallus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                  |     |    `--*O. diemenensis Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                  |     `--Telmopsocus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                  |          `--*T. waldheimensis Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                  `--+--Spilopsocus Smithers 1963 SN04
                     |    |--*S. ruidus Smithers 1963 SN04
                     |    `--S. colliensis Smithers 1977 SN04
                     `--+--Prionotodrilus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                        |    |--*P. parvus (Smithers & Thornton 1975) [=Spilopsocus parvus] SN04
                        |    `--P. serratus (Schmidt & Thornton 1992) [=Spilopsocus serratus] SN04
                        `--Euryphallus Schmidt & New 2004 SN04
                             |--*E. stigmaticus (Tillyard 1923) [=Mesopsocus stigmaticus, Spilopsocus stigmaticus] SN04
                             |--E. badonneli (New & Thornton 1981) [=Nothopsocus badonneli] SN04
                             |--E. cinqueportsae (Thornton & New 1981) [=Nothopsocus cinqueportsae] SN04
                             |--E. cooki (Thornton & New 1981) [=Nothopsocus cooki] SN04
                             |--E. defoei (Thornton & New 1981) [=Nothopsocus defoei] SN04
                             |--E. selkirki (Thornton & New 1981) [=Nothopsocus selkirki] SN04
                             `--E. skottsbergi (Thornton & New 1981) [=Nothopsocus skottsbergi] SN04

Propsocus pulchripennis (Perkins 1899) [=Stenopsocus pulchripennis; incl. Tricladellus nitens var. brachypterus Edwards 1950, Myopsocus nitens Hickman 1934, T. nitens] M93

*Reuterella helvimacula (Enderlein 1901) [=Leptella helvimacula; incl. Caecilius corticis Pearman 1924] M93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B55] Badonnel, A. 1955. Psocoptères de l'Angola. Diamang Publicações Culturais 26: 11-267.

[L02] Li F. 2002. Psocoptera of China vol. 1. Science Press: Beijing.

[M83] Martin, N. A. 1983. Miscellaneous observations on a pasture fauna: An annotated species list. DSIR Entomology Division Report 3: 1-98.

[M93] Mockford, E. L. 1993. North American Psocoptera (Insecta). Sandhill Crane Press, Inc.

[SN04] Schmidt, E. R., & T. R. New. 2004. A systematic and phylogenetic revision of the family Elipsocidae (Insecta: Psocoptera), with the erection of two new families: Lesneiidae and Sabulopsocidae. Invertebrate Systematics 18: 157-213.

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