Matsumuraiella radiopicta, photographed by Kazunori Yoshizawa.

Belongs within: Psocomorpha.
Contains: Stenopsocidae, Caeciliusidae, Kodamaius, Dasydemella, Amphipsocini, Siniamphipsocus.

The Caeciliusetae are a clade of barklice characterised by the absence of a preapical tooth on the pretarsal claw, and reduction of the external valve of the gonapophyses. Members of the clade are divided between the small bark-dwelling family Asiopsocidae and the more diverse foliage-dwelling Caeciliusoidea (Yoshizawa 2002).

Characters (from Yoshizawa 2002): Small to large in size, about 2–10 mm in length. Sexual dimorphism present. Head with rounded vertex; eyes variable; ocelli complete, clustered on small tubercle; mandible more or less elongate, outer margin angled; galea ball-shaped; labial palpus somewhat triangular. Prothorax less bulged dorsally; preepisternum of prothorax elongate. Pterothorax greatly bulged dorsally in winged form; mesothorax with broad precoxal bridge and narrow trochantin; metathorax with broad membranous region. Forewing variable in venation, size, shape, and colour; posteroproximal corner smoothly rounded. Hindwing with smoothly rounded posteroproximal corner; ciliation variable; Sc clear; Rs and M + Cu fused for long distance basally; Rs and M fused. Tarsi 2-segmented; claws without preapical tooth. Male genitalia: Hypandrium simple, posterior margin smoothly rounded. Phallosome: aedeagus pointed apically, strongly arched in lateral aspect; paramere extended along aedeagus, strongly arched in lateral aspect; phallobase simple and narrow, anterior margin not divided; endophallus usually with weakly sclerotized region but never with rod-like sclerites. Female genitalia: Subgenital plate simply rounded or slightly hollowed posteriorly. Gonapophyses variable; external valve more or less reduced.

<==Caeciliusetae [Caecilietae]
    |--Asiopsocidae [Asiopsocoidea] NL07
    |    |--Pronotiopsocus Mockford 1983 M93
    |    |    `--*P. amazonicus M93
    |    |--Notiopsocus Banks 1913 [incl. Lenkoella Machado-Allison & Papavero 1964] M93
    |    |    |--*N. simplex M93
    |    |    |--N. aldretei Y02
    |    |    |--N. machadoi Badonnel 1955 B55
    |    |    `--N. vilhenai Badonnel 1955 B55
    |    `--Asiopsocus Günther 1968 Y02
    |         |--*A. mongolicus Günther 1968 L02
    |         |--A. meridionalis Lienhard 1981 L98
    |         |--A. sonorensis Mockford & García Aldrete 1976 M93
    |         |--A. vanharteni Lienhard 1995 L98
    |         `--A. wulingshanensis Li 2002 L02
    `--Caeciliusoidea [Caecilioidea] NL07
         |--Stenopsocidae Y02
         `--+--Caeciliusidae Y02
            `--Amphipsocidae Y02
                 |  i. s.: Brachypsocus Lienhard 1979 L98
                 |           `--*B. badonneli Lienhard 1979 L98
                 |--Kodamaius NL07
                 |--Calocaecilius Mockford 1974 L03 [Calocaecillinae NL07]
                 |    |--*C. decipiens Mockford 1974 NL07
                 |    `--C. apertus Thornton 1984 NL07
                 |--Dasydemellinae [Dasydemellidae] NL07
                 |    |--Ptenopsila M93
                 |    |--Dasydemella SN04
                 |    |--Teliapsocus Chapman 1930 M93
                 |    |    |--*T. conterminus (Walsh 1863) (see below for synonymy) M93
                 |    |    `--T. distinctus Badonnel 1986 B86
                 |    `--Matsumuraiella Enderlein 1906 L02
                 |         |--*M. radiopicta Enderlein 1906 L02
                 |         |--M. auriformis Li 1989 L02
                 |         |--M. enderleini Banks 1937 L02
                 |         |--M. guichengana Li 1997 L02
                 |         |--M. maculosa Li 1997 L02
                 |         |--M. perducta Li 2002 [=M. producta Li 2001 (n. n.)] L03
                 |         |--M. quadripunctata Li 1993 L02
                 |         `--M. wangae Li 1997 L02
                 `--Amphipsocinae [Polypsocidae] NL07
                      |  i. s.: Harpezoneura ambigua Badonnel 1946 B55
                      |         Polypsocus Hagen 1866 [incl. Ptilopsocus Enderlein 1900] M93
                      |           |--*P. corruptus (Hagen 1861) (see below for synonymy) M93
                      |           `--P. fasciatus Banks 1908 M74
                      |--Amphipsocini NL07
                      |--Dasypsocus Enderlein 1906 L02 [Dasypsocini NL07]
                      |    |--*D. solox (Enderlein 1903) [=Kolbea solox] NL07
                      |    |--D. angolensis Badonnel 1955 B55
                      |    |--D. brunneus Badonnel 1955 B55
                      |    |--D. pilosus Badonnel 1955 B55
                      |    `--D. tibialis Badonnel 1955 B55
                      `--Kolbiini [Kolbeinae, Kolbeini] NL07
                           |--Pseudokolbea Li 2002 L02 [=Pseudoklobea L03, Pseudokolba L03]
                           |    |--*P. nigrisetosa Li 2002 [=P. nigrietosa] L03
                           |    |--P. immaculata (Li & Yang 1992) [=Kolbea immaculata] L02
                           |    |--P. phaea Li 2002 L03
                           |    |--P. xanthoptera Li 2002 L03
                           |    `--P. xuthosticta Li 2002 L03
                           |--Kolbia Bertkau 1883 NL07, G74 [=Kolbea NL07]
                           |    |--*K. quisquiliarum Bertkau 1882 L98 [=Kolbea quisquiliarum G74]
                           |    |--K. bakeri Banks 1916 NL07
                           |    |--K. hummeli Enderlein 1936 L02
                           |    |--K. maculipennis Karny 1925 NL07
                           |    `--K. serialis Banks 1937 L02
                           `--Siniamphipsocus M03

*Polypsocus corruptus (Hagen 1861) [=Psocus corruptus; incl. Psocus abruptus Hagen 1861, Polypsocus abruptus, Ptilopsocus annulicornis Banks 1903, Po. corruptus var. omissus Banks 1938, Po. corruptus var. pictilis Banks 1938] M93

*Teliapsocus conterminus (Walsh 1863) [=Psocus conterminus, Elipsocus conterminus, Matsumuraiella contermina; incl. Psocus canadensis Provancher 1876, Caecilius definitus Aaron 1883] M93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 9 August 2020.

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