Varied sitellas Daphoenositta chrysoptera striata, from Chiemomo.

Belongs within: Euoscines.
Contains: Melanocharitidae, Cinclosomatidae, Psophodes, Campephagidae, Pachycephalidae, Oriolidae, Vireonidae, Dicruridae, Rhipidura, Monarchidae, Corvidae, Lanius, Paradisaeidae, Cracticidae, Artamus, Platysteiridae, Aegithina, Malaconotidae, Vangidae, Prionops.

The Corvoidea is a clade of passerine birds that has been identified by molecular analyses. Basal lineages of the Corvoidea are found in the Australo-Papuan region, where the clade is believed to have originated, but members of various sub-clades are found in Eurasia and Africa, such as the Corvidae, Laniidae and Malaconotidae, while the Vireonidae are found in the Americas. Basal lineages of the Corvoidea include the Cnemophilidae, satinbirds, frugivorous birds with brightly coloured males found in New Guinea. Cnemophilids were previously believed to be closely related to the birds of paradise (Paradisaeidae), which are now placed elsewhere in the corvoids. The sitellas Daphoenositta are nuthatch-like birds found in Australia and New Guinea that feed by branching on branches and trunks.

See also: The shrikes of the south.

<==Corvoidea [Colluricinclidae]
    |--+--Melanocharitidae JF06
    |  `--Cnemophilus De Vis 1890 JF06, B94 [Cnemophilidae]
    |       |--C. macgregorii JT12
    |       `--+--C. loriae JT12
    |          `--Loboparadisaea sericea JT12
    `--+--+--Cinclosomatidae JF11
       |  `--+--+--Androphobus viridis JF11
       |     |  `--Psophodes JF11
       |     `--+--Oreocharis arfaki JF11
       |        `--Paramythia De Vis 1892 JF11, B94 [Paramythiinae]
       |             `--P. montium JF06
       `--+--+--Campephagidae JF11
          |  `--Mohoua Lesson 1835 JF11, B94 (see below for synonymy)
          |       |--M. novaeseelandiae (Gmelin 1789) JT12, WH02 [=Finschia novaeseelandiae HWT01]
          |       `--+--M. albicilla (Lesson 1830) JT12, WH02
          |          `--M. ochrocephala (Gmelin 1789) JT12, WH02
          `--+--+--Oreoica Gould 1838 JF11, B94 [Oreoicidae]
             |  |    `--O. gutturalis (Vigors & Horsfield 1827) (see below for synonymy) WS48
             |  `--+--Ornorectes cristatus JF11 [=Pitohui cristatus JT12]
             |     `--Aleadryas rufinucha JF11
             `--+--+--+--Pachycephalidae JF11
                |  |  `--Falcunculus Vieillot 1816 JF11, B94 [Falcunculidae]
                |  |       `--F. frontatus (Latham 1801) [=Lanius frontatus] WS48
                |  |            |--F. f. frontatus WS48
                |  |            |--F. f. leucogaster Gould 1848 [incl. F. leucogaster stirlingi Mathews 1915] WS48
                |  |            `--F. f. whitei Campbell 1910 WS48
                |  `--+--Oriolidae JF11
                |     `--+--Vireonidae JF11
                |        `--Pteruthius JT12
                |             |  i. s.: P. aeralatus [=Pterythrius aeralatus] S89
                |             |         P. cameranoi S89
                |             |         P. erythropterus A61
                |             |--+--P. flaviscapis JT12
                |             |  `--P. rufiventer JT12
                |             `--+--P. xanthochlorus JT12
                |                `--+--P. aenobarbus JT12
                |                   `--P. melanotis JT12
                `--+--Daphoenositta De Vis 1897 JF11, B94 (see below for synonymy)
                   |    |--D. chrysoptera JF06
                   |    |    |--D. c. chrysoptera M03
                   |    |    |--D. c. albata M03
                   |    |    |--D. c. leucocephala M03
                   |    |    `--D. c. striata M03
                   |    |--D. leucoptera (Gould 1839) M03, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                   |    |--D. miranda JT12
                   |    `--D. pileata (Gould 1838) M03, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                   `--+--+--Eulacestoma nigropectus JF11
                      |  `--+--Dicruridae BB05
                      |     `--+--+--Rhipidura BC04
                      |        |  `--+--Chaetorhynchus papuensis JF06
                      |        |     `--Lamprolia Finsch 1874 JF11, B94 [Lamproliidae]
                      |        |          `--L. victoriae FP64
                      |        |               |--L. v. victoriae FP64
                      |        |               `--L. v. kleinschmidti FP64
                      |        `--+--+--Platylophus Swainson 1832 JF11, B94 (see below for synonymy)
                      |           |  |    `--P. galericulatus JF11
                      |           |  `--Eurocephalus JT12
                      |           |       |--E. anguitimens JF06
                      |           |       `--E. rueppelli JT12
                      |           |--+--Ifrita kowaldi (DeVis 1890) JF11, N10 (see below for synonymy)
                      |           |  `--+--Monarchidae JF11
                      |           |     `--+--Corvidae JF11
                      |           |        `--Laniidae [Laniinae] B94
                      |           |             |--Urolestes melanoleucus JT12
                      |           |             `--Lanius JF11
                      |           `--+--+--Paradisaeidae JF11
                      |              |  `--Melampitta JF11
                      |              |       |--M. gigantea JF06
                      |              |       `--M. lugubris JF06
                      |              `--Corcoracidae [Corcoracinae] EC02
                      |                   |--Corcorax Lesson 1830 JF11, B94
                      |                   |    `--C. melanorhamphos JT12
                      |                   `--Struthidea Gould 1837 [Struthideidae, Struthideinae] B94
                      |                        `--S. cinerea JF06
                      `--+--+--Machaerirhynchus [Machaerirhynchidae] JF11
                         |  |    |--M. flaviventer M03
                         |  |    |    |--M. f. flaviventer M03
                         |  |    |    `--M. f. secundus M03
                         |  |    `--M. nigripectus JT12
                         |  `--+--Cracticidae JF06
                         |     `--+--Artamus JF06
                         |        `--Peltops JT12
                         |             |--P. blainvillii JT12
                         |             `--P. montanus JT12
                         `--+--+--Platysteiridae JF06
                            |  `--+--Pityriasis Lesson 1839 JT12, B94 [Pityriaseidae, Pityriaseinae]
                            |     |    `--P. gymnocephala JT12
                            |     `--+--Aegithina JF06
                            |        `--Rhagologus leucostigma JF11
                            `--+--Malaconotidae JF11
                               `--+--+--Vangidae JF11
                                  |  `--Philentoma JF11
                                  |       |--P. pyrhopterum JF11
                                  |       `--P. velata JT12
                                  `--+--Prionops JF11
                                     `--+--+--Megabyas flammulatus JT12 [=Bias flammulatus JF06]
                                        |  `--‘Prionops’ plumatus (Shaw 1809) JT12, L03
                                        |       |--P. p. plumatus [incl. P. p. haussarum Hartert 1921] L03
                                        |       `--P. p. cristatus Rüppell 1836 L03 (see below for synonymy)
                                        `--+--Bias musicus JF11
                                           `--+--Tephrodornis JF11
                                              |    |--T. gularis JF11
                                              |    |--T. pondicerianus RD02
                                              |    `--T. virgatus JF06
                                              `--Hemipus JF11
                                                   |--H. hirundinaceus JF11
                                                   `--H. picatus JF11
                                                        |--H. p. picatus L03
                                                        `--H. p. leggei Whistler 1939 (see below for synonymy) L03

Daphoenositta De Vis 1897 BC04, B94 [incl. Neositta Hellmayr 1901 B94; Daphoenosittidae, Daphoenosittinae, Neosittidae, Neosittinae]

Daphoenositta leucoptera
(Gould 1839) M03, WS48 [=Sittella leucoptera WS48, D. chrysoptera leucoptera M03, Neositta leucoptera WS48; incl. N. pileata broomei Mathews 1912 WS48, N. pileata rogersi Mathews 1912 WS48]

Daphoenositta pileata
(Gould 1838) M03, WS48 [=Sittella pileata WS48, D. chrysoptera pileata M03, Neositta pileata WS48; incl. N. pileata broomi Mathews 1912 WS48, Sittella melanocephala Gould 1838 WS48, N. pileata milligani Mathews 1922 WS48, N. pileata whitlocki Mathews 1912 WS48]

Hemipus picatus leggei
Whistler 1939 [incl. H. p. insulae Koelz 1939] L03

Ifrita kowaldi
(DeVis 1890) JF11, N10 [=Todopsis kowaldi N10; incl. I. coronata Rothschild 1898 N10]

Lesson 1835 JF11, B94 [incl. Certhiparus Lafresnaye 1842 B94, Clitonyx Reichenbach 1853 B94; Certhiparinae, Mohouinae]

Oreoica gutturalis
(Vigors & Horsfield 1827) [=Falcunculus gutturalis; incl. O. cristata lloydi Mathews 1917, O. cristata mungi Mathews 1912, O. cristata westralensis Mathews 1912] WS48

Swainson 1832 JF11, B94 [incl. Lophocitta Gray 1841 B94; Lophocittidae]

Prionops plumatus cristatus Rüppell 1836 L03 [=P. (Lanius) cristatus (preoc. in Lanius); incl. P. cristata omoensis Neumann 1905 L03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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