Type of Colaspoides igneicollis, from here.

Belongs within: Phytophaga.

Colaspoides is a widely distributed genus of leaf beetles, most species of which are metallic in coloration. They are generally ovate and convex in shape, and the tibiae are not emarginate (Jacoby 1908).

Characters (from Jacoby 1908): Somewhat short and oblong in shape, rather convex. Head deeply inserted; eyes rather large, oblong, more or less sinuate within; antennae filiform or subfiliform, generally long and slender, terminal segments very slightly thickened, second segment half the length of first, third to sixth segments elongate. Pronotum transverse, nearly as wide at base as elytra, narrowed anteriorly, lateral margins more or less rounded. Elytra ovate or oblong, more or less regularly punctured, punctures sometimes in rows. Legs variable; femora slightly thickened, sometimes with a tooth beneath; first tarsal segment rather elongate, but as a rule shorter than following two united; claws appendiculate. Prosternum rather large, of variable shape, generally longer than broad, posterior margin truncate; anterior margin of thoracic episternum convex.

    |--C. apicicornis J89b
    |--C. feae Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--C. fulvicornis [=Colasposoma fulvicorne] J89a
    |--C. igneicollis Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--C. insignis J89b
    |--C. laevicollis Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--C. laportei J89a
    |--C. lefevrei Jacoby 1889 J89b
    |--C. nigritarsis J89b
    |--C. pallidula Jacoby 1889 J89a
    |--C. rafflesi J89a
    |--C. speciosa J89a
    `--C. viridimarginatus J89b

*Type species of generic name indicated


[J89a] Jacoby, M. 1889a. Viaggio di Leonardo Fea in Birmania e regioni vicine. XVII. – List of the phytophagous Coleoptera obtained by Signor L. Fea at Burmah and Tenasserim, with descriptions of the new species. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Serie 2a 7: 147-237.

[J89b] Jacoby, M. 1889b. List of the phytophagous Coleoptera collected by Signor Modigliani at Nias and Sumatra, with descriptions of the new species. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Serie 2a 7: 278-287.

Jacoby, M. 1908. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Coleoptera. Chrysomelidae. Vol. 1. Taylor & Francis: London.

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