Eurasian snipe Gallinago gallinago, photographed by J. C. Schou.

Belongs within: Scolopacoidea

Gallinago includes the snipes, stocky straight-billed wading birds. Snipes are found in most parts of the world, though they are only present as non-breeding migrants in Australia.

Characters (from Ridgway 1887): Top of head with longitudinal stripes. Ears situated directly under eyes; tip of upper mandible thickened, with cutting edges brought close together. Plumage not varying between breeding and non-breeding seasons. Lower part of thighs naked; back of tarsus with continuous row of transverse scutellae.

<==Gallinago Brisson 1760 M02 [incl. Capella Frenzel 1801 B94]
    |--G. gallinago (Linnaeus 1758) ME04 [=Scolopax gallinago M02, Capella gallinago M02]
    |--G. hardwickii (Gray 1831) R85
    |--G. media (Latham 1787) [=Scolopax media, Capella media] M02
    |--G. megala HR96
    |--G. nemoricola SU93
    |--G. solitaria SU93
    |    |--G. s. solitaria VP89
    |    `--G. s. japonica VP89
    |--G. stenura SU93
    |--G. stricklandi WH02
    |--‘Capella’ undulata MS55
    |    |--C. u. undulata MS55
    |    `--C. u. gigantea MS55
    `--G. veterior Jánossy 1979 [=Capella veterior] M02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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