Greenshank Tringa nebularia, photographed by J. Dietrich.

Belongs within: Scolopacoidea.

The genus Tringa includes the shanks and wood sandpipers, medium-sized long-legged shorebirds with relatively slight changes in plumage between breeding and non-breeding seasons.

Characters (from Ridgway 1887, as Totanus*): Ears situated well posterior to eyes; exposed culmen more than one-fifth as long as wing; bill narrow at tip, where hard and smooth on top, tip of upper mandible thin with cutting edges far apart. Wing more than 110 mm long; axillars white or barred with white and dusky. Tail not more than half as long as wing, longer than exposed culmen. Back of tarsus with continuous row of transverse scutellae; hind toe present; middle toe united to one or both lateral toes by distinct web.

*Due to different type species designations, many authors in the 19th and early 20th centuries applied the name Tringa to species now included in the genus Calidris.

<==Tringa Linnaeus 1758 M02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*T. ochropus Linnaeus 1758 B94, M02 [=T. ocropus M02]
    |--T. brevipes (Vieillot 1816) R85 [=Heteroscelus brevipes T89]
    |--T. edwardsi (Gaillard 1908) [=Totanus edwardsi] M02
    |--T. erythropus Linnaeus 1758 M02
    |--T. flavipes (Gmelin 1789) R85
    |--T. glareola Linnaeus 1758 M02
    |--‘Totanus’ glottis D66
    |--T. gracilis Milne-Edwards 1868 [=Erolia gracilis] M02
    |--T. grigorescui Kessler & Gál 1996 M02
    |--T. guttifer (Nordmann 1835) I92
    |--T. hypoleucos Linnaeus 1758 R85 [=Actitis hypoleucos T89]
    |--T. incana (Gmelin 1789) R85
    |--T. maculata SS66
    |--T. melanoleuca WBSJ82 [=Totanus melanoleucus A61]
    |--‘Totanus’ minor Ennouchi 1930 (see below for synonymy) M02
    |--T. nebularia (Gunnerus 1767) R85
    |--T. numenioides (Serebrovs’kyj 1941) [=Totanus numenioides, Tr. numenioidea] M02
    |--‘Totanus’ praecursor Laube 1901 M02
    |--T. scarabellii (Portis 1887) [=Totanus scarabellii] M02
    |--T. solitaria FS55
    |--T. stagnatilis (Bechstein 1803) R85
    |--T. subarquata D66
    |--T. terek Latham 1790 R85
    `--T. totanus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Scolopax totanus] M02
         |--T. t. totanus I92
         `--T. t. eurhinus (Oberholser 1900) I92

‘Totanus’ minor Ennouchi 1930 non Tringa cinclus minor Schlegel 1844 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.) [=Erolia ennouchii Brodkorb 1967] M02

Tringa Linnaeus 1758 M02 [incl. Erythroscelus Kaup 1829 B94, Totanus Bechstein 1803 B94; Erythroscelini, Totanini, Tringini]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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