External and sectional views of Miliammina earlandi, from Loeblich & Tappan (1964).

Belongs within: Foraminifera.
Contains: Nubeculariidae, Fischerinidae, Rzehakinidae, Miliolinellinae, Miliolinae, Tubinellinae, Quinqueloculininae.

The Miliolida are a group of Foraminifera with a test that is most commonly calcareous and porcelaneous in appearance, though a minority of genera have an agglutinated or siliceous test (Pawlowski et al. 2013).

Characters (from Pawlowski et al. 2013): Test bi- or multi-chambered, chambers tubular or elongate, some with complex internal structures adapted to host algal endosymbionts; wall generally imperforate, calcareous of high magnesium calcite with randomly oriented crystals refracting light in all directions and resulting in a porcelaneous appearance of the test; may be agglutinated or siliceous.

<==Miliolida (see below for synonymy)
    |--+--Nubeculariidae C40
    |  `--Fischerinidae C40
    `--+--Rzehakinidae PHT13
       `--Miliolidae (see below for synonymy) C40
            |  i. s.: Praemurgella Luperto Sinni, Martín-Chivelet & Giménez 2000 LSM-CG00
            |           `--*P. valenciana Luperto Sinni, Martín-Chivelet & Giménez 2000 LSM-CG00
            |         Murgella Luperto Sinni 1965 LSM-CG00
            |           `--M. lata Luperto Sinni 1965 LSM-CG00
            |         Scandonea De Castro 1971 LSM-CG00
            |           |--S. mediterranea LSM-CG00
            |           `--S. samnitica LSM-CG00
            |         Miliammina Heron-Allen & Earland 1930 G86
            |           |--M. oblonga G86 (see below for synonymy)
            |           |--M. earlandi LT64
            |           |--M. echigoensis Asano & Inomata in Asano 1952 H03
            |           |--M. herzensteini LT64
            |           `--M. lata C40
            |--Miliolinellinae S-VC91
            |--Miliolinae LT64
            |--Tubinellinae LT64
            `--Quinqueloculininae S-VC91

Miliolida incertae sedis:
  Barkerinidae [Barkerininae] LT64
    |--Barkerina Frizzell & Schwartz 1950 LT64
    |    `--*B. barkerensis Frizzell & Schwartz 1950 LT64
    |--Coxites Smout 1956 LT64
    |    `--*C. zubairensis Smout 1956 LT64
    |--Rabanitina Smout 1956 LT64
    |    `--*R. basraensis Smout 1956 LT64
    `--Nezzazata Omara 1956 [incl. Begia Smout 1956] LT64
         |--*N. simplex Omara 1956 LT64
         `--N. gyra (Smout 1956) [=*Begia gyra] LT64
  Miliammellus [Silicoloculinida] PHT13

Miliammina oblonga G86 [incl. Miliolina oblonga var. arenacea Chapman 1900 G86, *Miliammmina oblonga var. arenacea LT64, Miliammina selon Birstein & Ljovoushkin 1965 G86]

Miliolida [Alveolinidea, Cornuspiridea, Cornuspiroidea, Flexostili, Imperforida, Miliolacea, Miliolidaceae, Miliolidea, Miliolina, Orbitolitacea, Porcellanea]

Miliolidae [Armiliolidia, Fabularina, Hauerinae, Hauerinidae, Hauerinina, Milioletta, Miliolidina, Miliolinidae, Miliolitidae, Multiloculidae, Plicatilia, Tubularina]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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