Hyperammina elongata, from here.

Belongs within: Foraminifera.

The Hyperamminidae were treated by Cushman (1940) as a family of Foraminifera with an elongate, undivided, agglutinate test. The Hippocrepininae (with test free) and Dendrophryinae (with test attached) were later placed by Loeblich & Tappan (1964) as independent subfamilies within the family Astrorhizidae; as the latter group is now known to be polyphyletic and the position of the taxa listed below is uncertain, Cushman's 'Hyperamminidae' is retained here for the sake of convenience.

Characters (from Cushman 1940): Test free or attached, consisting of globular proloculum and more or less elongate (but not close coiled), sometimes branching portion, not divided into chambers; wall of variously agglutinated materials with basal layer of chitin; aperture formed by open end of tubular portion.

<==Hyperamminidae C40
    |--Dendrophryinae C40
    |    |--Dendronina Heron-Allen & Earland 1922 LT64
    |    |    `--*D. arborescens Heron-Allen & Earland 1922 LT64
    |    |--Halyphysema Bowerbank 1862 (see below for synonymy) LT64
    |    |    `--*H. tumanowiczii Bowerbank 1862 (see below for synonymy) LT64
    |    |--Nubeculariella Averintsev 1911 LT64
    |    |    `--*N. birulai Averintsev 1911 LT64
    |    `--Dendrophrya Wright 1861 (see below for synonymy) LT64
    |         |--*D. erecta Wright 1861 LT64
    |         `--D. arborescens (Norman in Brady 1881) [=*Psammatodendron arborescens] LT64
    `--Hippocrepininae [Arhippocrepnia, Hyperammininae] LT64
         |--Jaculella Brady 1879 [=Arjaculum Rhumbler 1913] LT64
         |    `--*J. acuta Brady 1879 [=*Arjaculum acutum] LT64
         |--Giraliarella Crespin 1958 LT64
         |    `--*G. angulata Crespin 1958 LT64
         |--Protobotellina Heron-Allen & Earland 1929 LT64
         |    `--*P. cylindrica Heron-Allen & Earland 1929 LT64
         |--Pseudohyperammina Crespin 1958 LT64
         |    `--*P. radiostoma Crespin 1958 LT64
         |--Saccorhiza Eimer & Fickert 1899 LT64
         |    `--*S. ramosa (Brady 1879) [=Hyperammina ramosa] LT64
         |--Hippocrepina Parker in Dawson 1870 (see below for synonymy) LT64
         |    |--*H. indivisa Parker in Dawson 1870 [=*Arhippocrepum indivisum] LT64
         |    |--‘Hyperamminoides’ barksdalei BL79
         |    `--H. elegans (Cushman & Waters 1928) [=*Hyperamminella elegans, *Hyperamminoides elegans] LT64
         `--Hyperammina Brady 1878 (see below for synonymy) LT64
              |--*H. elongata Brady 1878 [=*Arhyperammum elongatum] LT64
              |--H. abyssorum (Dawson 1870) [=*Rhabdopleura abyssorum] LT64
              |--H. aptica BL79
              |--H. bulbosa C40
              `--H. friabilis Brady 1884 [=*Hyperammina (sensu Eimer & Fickert) friabilis] LT64

Dendrophrya Wright 1861 [=Ardendrophyrum Rhumbler 1913, Dendrophyra (l. c.); incl. Psammatodendron Norman in Brady 1881] LT64

Halyphysema Bowerbank 1862 [=Arhaliphysemum Rhumbler 1913, Gastrophysema Haeckel 1877, Haliphysema Haeckel 1877] LT64

*Halyphysema tumanowiczii Bowerbank 1862 [=*Arhaliphysemum tumanowiczii, *Haliphysema tumanowiczii, Squamulina scopula Carter 1877, *Gastrophysema scopula] LT64

Hippocrepina Parker in Dawson 1870 [=Arhippocrepum Rhumbler 1913; incl. Hyperamminella Cushman & Waters 1928 non de Folin 1881, Hyperamminoides Cushman & Waters 1928] LT64

Hyperammina Brady 1878 [=Arhyperammum Rhumbler 1913, Bactrammina Eimer & Fickert 1899; incl. Hyperammina Eimer & Fickert 1899 non Brady 1878, Rhabdopleura Dawson 1870 non Allman 1869] LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BL79] Basov, V. A., B. G. Lopatin, I. S. Gramberg, A. I. Danjushevskaya, V. Ya. Kaban’kov, V. M. Lazurkin & D. K. Patrunov. 1979. Lower Cretaceous lithostratigraphy near Galicia Bank. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 47: 683–717.

[C40] Cushman, J. A. 1940. Foraminifera: Their classification and economic use 3rd ed. Harvard University Press: Cambridge (Massachusetts).

[LT64] Loeblich, A. R., Jr & H. Tappan. 1964. Sarcodina: chiefly “thecamoebians” and Foraminiferida. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt C. Protista 2 vol. 1. The Geological Society of America and The University of Kansas Press.

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