Scanning electron micrographs and microphotographs of Bulimina striatula, copyright Isabel Mendes.

Belongs within: Buliminacea.

The Bolivinitidae are a group of primarily biserial Foraminifera known from the Upper Triassic to the present (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964b): Test biserial at least in young stage, aperture comma-shaped, parallel to compression of test, basal or terminal, with internal tooth plate.

<==Bolivinitidae [Bolivinitinae] LT64a
    |--+--Bolivinita Cushman 1927 C40
    |  |    |--*B. quadrilatera (Schwager 1866) [=Textilaria quadrilatera] LT64b
    |  |    `--B. planata C40
    |  `--Bolivinoides Cushman 1927 C40
    |       |--*B. draco (Marsson 1878) [=Bolivina draco] LT64b
    |       |--B. decorata C40
    |       |--B. giganteus G-B87
    |       |--B. miliaris G-B87
    |       |--B. rhomboidalis C40
    |       `--B. sidestrandensis G-B87
    `--+--Rectobolivina Cushman 1927 C40 [incl. Geminaricta Cushman 1936 LT64b]
       |    |--*R. bifrons (Brady 1881) [=Sagrina bifrons] LT64b
       |    |--R. hungarica [=Bifarina hungarica] LT64b
       |    |--R. raphana [=Uvigerina (Sagrina) raphanus, Siphogenerina raphanus] LT64b
       |    |--R. tombigbeensis [=Bifarina tombigbeensis] LT64b
       |    |--R. vickburgensis [=Bifarina vicksburgensis] LT64b
       |    `--R. virgata (Cushman 1929) [=Bolivinella virgata, *Geminaricta virgata] LT64b
       `--Bolivina d’Orbigny 1839 C40 (see below for synonymy)
            |--*B. plicata d’Orbigny 1839 C40
            |--B. afra (Reyment 1959) [=*Afrobolivina afra] LT64b
            |--B. alata H04
            |--B. anastomosa B49
            |--B. bassensis LJ98
            |--B. convallaria H04
            |--B. decussata LT64a
            |--B. dilitata AA05
            |--B. durrandii H04
            |--B. finlayi H90
            |--B. hantkeniana C40
            |--B. incrassata G-B87
            |--B. lapsus B49
            |--*Proroporus’ lingua Ehrenberg 1844 LT64b
            |--B. pacifica Cushman & McCulloch 1942 [=B. acerosa var. pacifica] H03
            |--*Clidostomum’ polystigma Ehrenberg 1845 LT64b
            |--B. quadrilatera S05
            |--B. robusta Brady 1881 H03
            |--B. spathulata PH03
            |--B. striatula JW99
            |--B. subaenariensis LT64a
            |--B. subangularis C40
            `--B. subspinescens LT64a

Bolivinitidae incertae sedis:
  Brizalina Costa 1856 LT64a, C40
    |--*B. aenariensis Costa 1856 LT64b
    |--B. alata JW99
    |--B. pseudopunctata LT64b
    `--B. vadescens LT64b
  Gabonella de Klasz, Marie & Meijer 1960 LT64b
    `--*G. elongata de Klasz & Meijer 1960 LT64b
  Grimsdaleinella Bolli 1959 LT64b
    `--*G. spinosa Bolli 1959 LT64b
  Loxostomoides Reiss 1957 LT64b
    `--*L. applinae (Plummer 1927) [=Bolivina applini] LT64b
  Tappanina Montanaro Gallitelli LT64b
    `--*T. selmensis (Cushman 1933) [=Bolivinita selmensis] LT64b
  Altistoma de Klasz & Rérat 1962 LT64b
    `--*A. scalaris de Klasz & Rérat 1962 LT64b
  Laterostomella de Klasz & Rérat 1962 LT64b
    `--*L. guembeliniformis de Klasz & Rérat 1962 LT64b
  Unicosiphonia Cushman 1935 LT64b
    `--*U. crenulata Cushman 1935 LT64b
  Grammostomum Ehrenberg 1839 LT64b
    |--*G. tenue Ehrenberg 1839 LT64b
    `--G. macilentum Ehrenberg 1854 G-B87

Bolivina d’Orbigny 1839 C40 [incl. Afrobolivina Reyment 1959 LT64b, Clidostomum Ehrenberg 1845 C40, Proroporus Ehrenberg 1844 C40]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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