Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi, from Foram Barcoding.

Belongs within: Rotaliida.
Contains: Gavelinella, Heterolepa.

The Anomalinidae are a group of Foraminifera known from the Upper Triassic to the present (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964b): Test trochospiral to nearly planispiral, evolute on one or both sides; chambers simple; wall calcareous, coarsely perforate, granular in structure, bilamellar; primary aperture interiomarginal equatorial or somewhat extending onto spiral or umbilical sides, additional peripheral apertures may be present.

    |--Almaeninae LT64a
    |    |--Ganella Aurouze & Boulanger 1954 LT64b
    |    |    `--*G. neumannae Aurouze & Boulanger 1954 LT64b
    |    |--Queraltina Marie 1950 LT64b
    |    |    `--*Q. epistominoides Marie 1950 LT64b
    |    |--Anomalinella Cushman 1927 LT64b
    |    |    `--*A. rostrata (Brady 1881) [=Truncatulina rostrata] LT64b
    |    `--Almaena Samoylova 1940 (see below for synonymy) LT64b
    |         |--*A. taurica Samoylova 1940 LT64b
    |         |--*Kelyphistoma’ ampulloloculata Keijzer 1945 LT64b
    |         |--A. escornebovensis (Sigal 1949) [=*Planulinella escornebovensis] LT64b
    |         `--A. hieroglyphica Sigal 1950 [=A. (*Pseudoplanulinella) hieroglyphica] LT64b
    `--Anomalininae LT64a
         |--Gavelinella LT64b
         |--Angulogavelinella Hofker 1957 LT64b
         |    `--*A. gracilis (Marsson 1878) [=Discorbina gracilis] LT64b
         |--Asymmetrina Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |    `--*A. biomphalica Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |--Boldia van Bellen in van den Bold 1946 [=Terquemia van Bellen 1946 nec Tate 1868 nec Van Veen 1932] LT64b
         |    `--*B. lobata (Terquem 1882) [=Rotalina lobata, Anomalina lobata, *Terquemia lobata] LT64b
         |--Coleites Plummer 1934 LT64b
         |    `--*C. reticulosa (Plummer 1927) [=Pulvinulina reticulosa] LT64b
         |--Discanomalina Asano 1951 LT64b
         |    |--*D. japonica Asano 1951 LT64b
         |    `--D. semipunctata LJ98
         |--Holmanella Loeblich & Tappan 1962 LT64b
         |    `--*H. valmonteensis (Kleinpell 1938) [=Discorbinella valmonteensis] LT64b
         |--Involvina Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |    `--*I. obliqua Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |--Nummodiscorbis Hornibrook 1961 LT64b
         |    `--*N. novozealandica Hornibrook 1961 LT64b
         |--Paromalina Loeblich & Tappan 1957 LT64b
         |    `--*P. bilateralis Loeblich & Tappan 1957 LT64b
         |--Plagiostomella Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |    `--*P. inflata Kristan-Tollmann 1960 LT64b
         |--Pulsiphonina Brotzen 1948 LT64b
         |    `--*P. prima (Plummer 1927) [=Siphonina prima] LT64b
         |--Stensioina Brotzen 1936 LT64b
         |    |--*S. exsculpta (Reuss 1860) [=Rotalia exsculpta] LT64b
         |    `--S. clementiana G-B87
         |--Karreria Rzehak 1891 [incl. Vagocibicides Finlay 1939] LT64b
         |    |--*K. fallax Rzehak 1891 LT64b
         |    `--K. maoria (Finlay 1939) [=*Vagocibicides maoria] LT64b
         |--Anomalinoides Brotzen 1942 LT64b
         |    |--A. pinguis (Jennings 1936) [=Anomalina pinguis; incl. *Anomalinoides plummerae Brotzen 1942] LT64b
         |    |--A. globosus S05
         |    `--A. macraglabra H90
         |--Hanzawaia Asano 1944 LT64b
         |    |--*H. nipponica Asano 1944 LT64b
         |    |--H. concentrica JW99
         |    `--H. strettoni LT64a
         |--Anomalina d’Orbigny 1826 [incl. Aspidospira Ehrenberg 1844, Porospira Ehrenberg 1844] C40
         |    |--*A. punctulata d’Orbigny 1826 C40
         |    |--*Porospira’ comes Ehrenberg 1844 LT64b
         |    |--A. globulosa JW99
         |    |--A. grosserugosa C40
         |    |--A. henbesti M08
         |    `--A. miosuturalis B49
         |--Melonis de Montfort 1808 (see below for synonymy) LT64b
         |    |--M. pompilioides (Fichtel & Moll 1798) (see below for synonymy) LT64b
         |    |--M. affinis LJ98
         |    |--M. barleeanum JW99
         |    |--M. maorica H90
         |    |--M. nicobarensis (Cushman 1963) [=Nonion nicobarensis] H03
         |    |--‘Rotalia’ tuberculifera Reuss 1862 [=Gavelinonion tuberculiferum] LT64b
         |    |--‘Nautilus’ umbilicatulus Walker & Jacob in Kanmacher 1798 [=*Gavelinonion umbilicatulum] LT64b
         |    `--M. zaandami LT64b
         |--Cibicidoides Thalmann 1939 [incl. Parrelloides Hofker 1956] LT64b
         |    |--*C. mundula (Brady, Parker & Jones 1888) [=Truncatulina mundula] LT64b
         |    |--C. aknerianus (d’Orbigny 1846) [=Rotalina akneriana; incl. Cibicides asanoi Matsunaga 1963] H03
         |    |--C. hyalinus (Hofker 1951) [=Cibicides hyalinus, *Parrelloides hyalinus] LT64b
         |    |--C. involutus G-B87
         |    |--C. kullenbergi JW99
         |    |--C. mabahethi S05
         |    |--C. pseudoungerianus JW99
         |    |--C. robertsonianus JW99
         |    `--C. wuellerstorfi JW99
         `--Heterolepa LT64b

Almaena Samoylova 1940 [incl. Kelyphistoma Keijzer 1945, Planulinella Sigal 1949, Pseudoplanulinella Sigal 1950] LT64b

Melonis de Montfort 1808 [=Melonia bronn 1849 nec Lamarck 1822 nec Schinz 1825; incl. Gavelinonion Hofker 1957, Melossis Pallas in Oken 1815] LT64b

Melonis pompilioides (Fichtel & Moll 1798) [=Nautilus pompilioides, *Melossis pompilioides; incl. *Melonis etruscus de Montfort 1808] LT64b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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