Individual of Synalpheus fritzmuelleri infected by bopyrid isopod, copyright Arthur Anker.

Belongs within: Alpheoidea.

Synalpheus is a pantropical genus of snapping shrimp, commonly found living in association with sessile marine animals such as sponges, corals or crinoids. The genus was erected on the basis of the absence of epipods on the thoracic appendages (Dardeau 1984).

See also: Kneel before the shrimp queen.

<==Synalpheus Bate 1888 D84
    |--S. agelas Pequegnat & Heard 1979 D84
    |--S. anasimus Chace 1972 [=S. anisimanus (l. c.)] D84
    |--S. androsi Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. apioceros Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. barahonensis Armstrong 1949 D84
    |--S. bousfieldi Chace 1972 D84
    |--S. brevicarpus (Herrick 1891) D83
    |--S. brevifrons Chace 1972 D84
    |--S. brooksi Coutière 1909 [incl. S. brooksi eleutherae Coutière 1909, S. brooksi strepsiceros Coutière 1909] D84
    |--S. comatularum (Haswell 1882) MG-H11
    |--S. curacaoensis Schmitt 1924 D84
    |--S. disparodigitus Armstrong 1949 D84
    |--S. dominicensis Armstrong 1949 D84
    |--S. filidigitus Armstrong 1949 D84
    |--S. fritzmuelleri Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. gambarelloides (Nardo 1847) [incl. Alpheus laevimanus Heller 1862, S. laevimanus] D84
    |--S. goodei Coutière 1909 [incl. S. osburni Schmitt 1933] D84
    |    |--S. g. goodei D84
    |    `--S. g. occidentalis Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. hastilicrassus Coutière 1905 TSH09
    |--S. heardi Dardeau 1984 D84
    |--S. hemphilli Coutière 1908 D84
    |--S. herricki Coutière 1909 (see below for synonymy) D84
    |--S. longicarpus (Herrick 1891) (see below for synonymy) D84
    |--S. lophodactylus Coutière 1908 MG-H11
    |--S. macclendoni Coutière 1910 D84
    |--S. minus (Say 1818) D84
    |--S. neomeris (de Man 1897) MG-H11
    |--S. neptunus MG-H11
    |    |--S. n. neptunus MG-H11
    |    `--S. n. germanus Banner & Banner 1975 MG-H11
    |--S. nilandensis Coutière 1905 MG-H11
    |--S. obtusifrons Chace 1972 D84
    |--S. pandionis Coutière 1909 [incl. S. pandionis extentus Coutière 1909, S. grampusi Coutière 1909] D84
    |--S. paraneptunus Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. parfaiti Coutière 1898 [=S. laevimanus parfaiti] D84
    |--S. pectiniger Coutière 1907 D84
    |--S. rathbunae Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. sanctithomae Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. scaphoceris Coutière 1910 D84
    |--S. sladeni Coutière 1908 D84
    |--S. spongicola Banner & Banner 1981 D84
    |--S. stimpsoni (de Man 1888) TSH09
    |--S. streptodactylus Coutière 1905 MG-H11
    |--S. tenuispina Coutière 1909 D84
    |--S. theano de Man 1910 MG-H11
    |--S. townsendi Coutière 1909 D84
    `--S. tumidomanus (Paul’son 1875) TSH09
         |--S. t. tumidomanus KK03
         `--S. t. africanus Crosnier & Forest 1965 KK03

Synalpheus herricki Coutière 1909 [incl. S. herricki angustipes Coutière 1909, S. herricki dimidiatus Coutière 1909, S. tanneri Coutière 1909] D84

Synalpheus longicarpus (Herrick 1891) [=Alpheus saulcyi var. longicarpus, S. laevimanus var. longicarpus; incl. S. longicarpus approxima Coutière 1909] D84

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D84] Dardeau, M. R. 1984. Synalpheus shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Alpheidae). I. The Gambarelloides group, with a description of a new species. Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruises 7 (2): 1–125.

[KK03] Kocataş, A., & T. Katağan. 2003. The decapod crustacean fauna of the Turkish seas. Zoology in the Middle East 29: 63–74.

[MG-H11] McEnnulty, F. R., K. L. Gowlett-Holmes, A. Williams, F. Althaus, J. Fromont, G. C. B. Poore, T. D. O'Hara, L. Marsh, P. Kott, S. Slack-Smith, P. Alderslade & M. V. Kitahara. 2011. The deepwater megabenthic invertebrates on the western continental margin of Australia (100–1100 m depths): composition, distribution and novelty. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 80: 1–191.

[TSH09] Titelius, M. A., A. Sampey & C. G. Hass. 2009. Crustaceans of Mermaid (Rowley Shoals), Scott and Seringapatam Reefs, north Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 77: 145–176.

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