Pale northern moon snail Euspira pallida, copyright Kwansei Shell Database.

Belongs within: Naticidae.

Euspira is a genus of moon snails found living in cooler waters.

<==Euspira Agassiz 1838 [Euspiridae, Euspirinae] BR05
    |--‘Natica’ labellata Lamarck 1804 [incl. N. glaucinoides Sowerby 1812, *Euspira glaucinoides] S98
    |--E. acosmita (Dall 1919) [=Polinices (Euspira) acosmitus] O27
    |--E. algida (Gould 1848) [=Natica algida, Polinices (Euspira) algida] O27
    |--E. barrierensis (Marwick 1924) [=Uber (Euspira) barrierensis] F27a
    |--E. canonica (Dall 1919) [=Polinices (Euspira) canonicus] O27
    |--E. caurina (Gould 1847) [=Natica caurina, Polinices (Euspira) caurinus] O27
    |--E. draconis (Dall 1903) [=Polinices (Euspira) draconis] O27
    |--E. edgari Finlay 1927 [=N. levis Smith 1896 non N. laevis Weerth 1884] F27b
    |--E. eyrensis Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27b
    |--E. gronlandica (Beck in Moller 1842) [=Polinices (Euspira) gronlandicus] O27
    |--E. monterona (Dall 1919) [=Polinices (Euspira) monteronus] O27
    |--E. pallida (Broderip & Sowerby 1829) [=Polinices (Euspira) pallida] O27
    |--E. pila (Pilsbury 1911) V89
    |--E. plicispira (Kuroda 1961) MG-H11
    |--E. politiana (Dall 1919) [=Polinices (Euspira) politianus] O27
    `--E. selwyniana (Wilckens 1922) [=Natica selwyniana, Lunatia selwyniana; incl. N. ingrata Wilckens 1922] S98

Euspira eyrensis Finlay 1927 [=Natica variabilis Moore 1870 non Reeve 1855; incl. N. lineata Etheridge 1872 non Bolten 1798] F27b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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