Zoila friendii, copyright S. & A. Nappo.

Belongs within: Cypraeidae.

Zoila is a genus of medium- to large-sized cowries currently restricted to coasts of Australia, though fossils indicate a wider distribution in the western Pacific in the past. Members of this genus are direct developers, without a planktonic larval stage (Meyer 2003).

<==Zoila Jousseaume 1884 [Zoilinae] BR05
    |  i. s.: Z. gigas (McCoy 1867) [=Cypraea (Zoila) gigas] WG71
    |         Z. mariellae M03
    |         Z. perlae M03
    |--Z. marginata Gaskoin 1849 M03 [=Cypraea (Zoila) marginata WG71]
    |--Z. rosselli Cotton 1948 M03 [=Cypraea (Zoila) rosselli WG71]
    |--Z. venusta Sowerby 1846 M03 [=Cypraea (Zoila) venusta WG71; incl. C. catei Schilder 1963 WG71]
    |    |--Z. v. venusta BC01
    |    `--Z. v. episema (Iredale 1939) BC01 (see below for synonymy)
    `--+--Z. decipiens Smith 1880 M03 [=Cypraea (Zoila) decipiens WG71]
       |--Z. eludens Raybaudi 1991 M03
       `--+--Z. friendii Gray 1831 M03 [=Cypraea (Zoila) friendii WG71; incl. C. friendii f. contraria WG71]
          |    |--Z. f. friendii MG-H11
          |    |--Z. f. jeaniana Cate 1968 MG-H11 [=Cypraea friendii f. jeaniana WG71]
          |    |--Z. ‘jenaiana’ sherylae Raybaudi 1990 M03
          |    `--Z. f. vercoi Schilder 1930 MG-H11 [=Cypraea friendii f. vercoi WG71]
          `--Z. thersites Gaskoin 1849 [=Cypraea (Zoila) friendii thersites] M03

Zoila venusta episema (Iredale 1939) BC01 [=Cypraea venusta episema WG71; incl. Z. venusta sorrentensis Schilder 1963 BC01, C. venusta sorrentensis WG71]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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