Milk moonsnail Polinices lacteus, copyright Deb Devers.

Belongs within: Naticidae.

Polinices is a genus of mostly white moon snails found in the Indo-Pacific oceans.

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell oval or suboval, solid, smooth, spire short, sharp; aperture semicircular, inner lip oblique, callous, callus extending into umbilicus. Operculum corneous. Colour usually whie, sometimes coloured but not banded or spotted.

<==Polinices Montfort 1810 [Neveritina, Neveritinae, Poliniceinae, Polinicina, Polynicidae] BR05
    |--P. hepaticus (Röding 1798) S11
    `--+--P. lacteus (Guilding 1833) S11
       `--P. uberinus (Orbigny 1842) S11

Polinices incertae sedis:
  *P. uber O27
  P. alba (Gray 1827) [=Natica alba] H09
  P. albumen (Linnaeus 1758) [=Nerita albumen] H09
  P. ambiguus Suter 1913 (n. d.) F27
  P. aurantium (Bolten 1798) [=Albula aurantium] H09
  P. columnaris (Recluz 1850) [=Natica columnaris] H09
  P. conicus (Lamarck 1822) WG71 [=Natica conicus H09]
  P. didyma (Bolten 1798) [=Albula didyma] H09
  P. duplicatus (Say 1822) F77
  P. filosa (Reeve 1855) [=Natica filosa] H09
  P. flemingiana (Recluz 1843) [=Natica flemingiana] H09
  P. hacketti Marincovich 1975 BC01
  P. huttoni M49
  P. incei (Philippi 1851) WG71 [=Natica incei H09]
  P. intracrassus Finlay 1924 [=Natica callosa Hutton 1873 (preoc.)] F27
  P. limi Pilsbry 1931 [=P. rapulum limi] BC01
  P. mammilla (Linnaeus 1758) BW09 [=Nerita mamilla H09]
  P. melanostomus (Gmelin 1799) BW09 [=Natica melanostoma H09]
  P. melanostomoides (Quoy & Gaimard 1833) [=Natica melanostomoides] H09
  P. mellosus Hedley 1924 WG71
  P. nanus Moller 1842 O27
  P. nuxcastanea (Martyn 1786) [=Nerita nuxcastanea] H09
  P. plumbeus (Lamarck 1822) [=Natica plumbea] H09
  P. powisiana (Recluz 1844) BW09
  P. peselephanti (Link 1807) MG-H11
  P. pyriformis Recluz 1844 WG71
  P. simiae (Deshayes 1838) BW09
  P. sordidus Swainson 1821 WG71
  P. triseriata (Say 1826) W78
  P. vitellus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Nerita vitella] H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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