Glass anemone shrimp Periclimenes brevicarpalis, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Caridea.
Contains: Macrobrachium, Palaemonetes.

The Palaemonidae are a group of shrimp with well-developed, prominent chelae on the first pair of pereiopods, as well as normal chelae on the second pair.

    |  i. s.: Pseudoclimenes holthuisi Bruce 2008 MG-H11
    |         Bechleja G88
    |--Pontoniinae TSH09
    |    |--Lipkebe holthuisi M85
    |    |--Hamodactylus TSH09
    |    |--Neopontonides TSH09
    |    |--Vir philippinensis Bruce & Svoboda 1984 TSH09
    |    |--Palaemonella Dana 1852 H86
    |    |    `--P. burnsi Holthuis 1973 H86
    |    |--Pontonia M85
    |    |    |--P. flavomaculata Heller 1864 KK03
    |    |    |--P. margarita M85
    |    |    `--P. pinnophylax (Otto 1821) KK03
    |    `--Periclimenes Costa 1844 H86
    |         |--P. aleator Bruce 1991 MG-H11
    |         |--P. americanus M85
    |         |--P. brevicarpalis Schenkel 1902 TSH09
    |         |--P. longicaudatus M85
    |         |--P. perryae M85
    |         |--P. pholeter Holthuis 1973 H86
    |         |--P. scriptus (Risso 1822) KK03
    |         `--P. yaldwyni HS01
    `--Palaemoninae H86
         |--Macrobrachium H86
         |--Palaemonetes H86
         |--Creaseria Holthuis 1950 H86
         |    `--C. morleyi (Creaser 1936) H86
         |--Neopalaemon Hobbs 1973 H86
         |    `--N. nahuatlus Hobbs 1973 H86
         |--Troglindicus Sankolli & Shenoy 1979 H86
         |    `--T. phreaticus Sankolli & Shenoy 1979 H86
         |--Bithynops Holthuis 1973 H86
         |    |--B. luscus Holthuis 1973 H86
         |    `--B. perspicax Holthuis 1977 H86
         |--Troglocubanus Holthuis 1949 H86
         |    |--T. calcis (Rathbun 1912) H86
         |    |--T. eigenmanni (Hay 1903) H86
         |    |--T. gibarensis (Chace 1943) H86
         |    |--T. inermis (Chace 1943) H86
         |    |--T. jamaicensis Holthuis 1963 H86
         |    `--T. perezfarfanteae Villalobos 1974 H86
         `--Palaemon M11
              |  i. s.: P. adspersus Rathke 1837 (nom. cons.) H86 [incl. Cancer squilla Linnaeus 1758 (n. o.) G03]
              |         P. affinis Milne Edwards 1837 H86
              |         P. biunguiculatus Lucas 1846 E12
              |         P. concinnus Dana 1852 H86
              |         P. elegans Rathke 1837 KK03
              |         P. jamaicensis F15
              |         P. longirostris Milne-Edwards 1837 KK03
              |         P. macrodactylus Rathbun 1902 OM03
              |         P. northropi [=Palaeander northropi] M85
              |         P. pandaliformis M85
              |         P. paucidens De Haan 1844 OM03
              |         P. serratus (Pennant 1777) PH03
              |         P. xiphias Risso 1816 KK03
              `--P. (Eupalaemon) M11
                   |--P. (E.) dux Lenz 1910 M11
                   |--P. (E.) foai Cout. 1902 M11
                   |--P. (E.) lanchesteri De Man 1911 (see below for synonymy) M11
                   |--P. (E.) lenzii De Man 1911 M11
                   |--P. (E.) macrobrachion Herklots 1851 M11
                   `--P. (E.) ‘paucidens’ Hilgendorf 1893 non De Haan 1844 M11

Palaemon (Eupalaemon) lanchesteri De Man 1911 [=P. paucidens Lanchester 1901 nec De Haan 1844 nec Hilgendorf 1893] M11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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