Ommatocarcinus macgillivrayi, from Macgillivray 1852.

Belongs within: Heterotremata.

The Goneplacidae has long been recognised as a somewhat poorly defined grouping of crabs of small to medium size.

Characters (from Davie 2002): Carapace hexagonal, transversely rectangular, trapezoidal, or transversely ovate; dorsal surface more or less convex, typically smooth, regions poorly defined; frontal margin usually entire, sometimes bi- to multilobate; anterolateral margins usually armed with 1-4 teeth or lobes, but sometimes entire. Orbits complete, may be moderately or greatly elongate. Interantennular septum typically narrow. Antenna folding obliquely or transversely. Third maxillipeds with carpus articulating at or near antero-internal angle of merus. Ambulatory legs gressorial, not broadly flattened for swimming. Male abdomen with seven free segments or with segments 3–5 fused and immovable. Male first gonopod moderately stout, weakly curved or sinuous; second gonopod short or long, but usually shorter than first. Male genital openings sternal or sterno-coxal, with vas deferens passing along open or closed groove in sternum.

    |  i. s.: Neogoneplax renoculis (Rathbun 1914) MG-H11
    |         Notonyx nitidus Milne Edwards 1873 MG-H11
    |         Paragoneplax serenei (Zarenkov 1972) MG-H11
    |         Platypilumnus soelae Garth 1987 MG-H11
    |         Psopheticus stridulans Wood-Mason 1892 MG-H11
    |         Pycnoplax MG-H11
    |           |--P. bispinosa (Rathbun 1914) MG-H11
    |           |--P. meridionalis (Rathbun 1923) MG-H11
    |           `--P. victoriensis Rathbun 1923 MG-H11
    |--Galenopsis Milne Edwards 1865 [Euryplacinae] CA04
    |--Rhizopinae B68
    |--Prionoplacinae B68
    |    |--Prionoplax B68
    |    `--Tetraplax B68
    `--Goneplacinae [Carcinoplacinae] B68
         |--Heteroplax B68
         |--Goneplax Leach in Brewster 1814 B64
         |    `--G. rhomboides (Linnaeus 1758) KK03 [incl. G. angulatus H15]
         |--Carcinoplax TSH09
         |    `--‘Galene’ proavita Glaessner 1960 CA04
         `--Ommatocarcinus White 1852 B64
              |--O. arenicola B68
              |--O. corioensis (Cresswell 1886) B64
              |--O. fibriophthalmus Yokoya 1933 B64
              |--O. macgillivrayi White 1852 [incl. O. huttoni Filhol 1886] B64
              `--O. orientalis Tesch 1918 B64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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