Hippolyte leptocerus, copyright Florence Gully.

Belongs within: Caridea.
Contains: Synalpheus, Alpheus.

The Alpheoidea are a group of shrimps in which the first pair of pereiopods are distinctly chelate, containing the snapping shrimps (Alpheidae) and cleaner shrimps (Hippolytidae). The first pair of pereiopods in members of this group is well developed; in the snapping shrimps one chela is enlarged and used to produce a loud cracking noise. The Alpheidae also have the eyes at least partially hidden by the front margin of the carapace. In the Hippolytidae, the eyes are exposed as in other shrimp groups; members of this family have the carpus of pereiopod 2 subdivided into a number of short segments. Smaller families include the Barbouriidae, a group of shrimps restricted to anchialine or marine caves.

    |--Ogyrides Stebbing 1914 [=Ogyris Stimpson 1860 non Angas 1847; Ogyridae, Ogyrididae] MD01
    |    |--O. alphaerostris (Kingsley 1880) [=O. occidentalis (Ortmann 1893)] M88
    |    `--O. hayi Williams 1981 M88
    |--Bythocarididae MD01
    |    |--Bythocaris MD01
    |    |--Cryptocheles MD01
    |    `--Bathyhippolyte MD01
    |--Barbouriidae MD01
    |    |--Barbouria Rathbun 1912 H86
    |    |    `--B. cubensis (von Martens 1872) H86
    |    |--Janicea Manning & Hart 1984 MD01, H86
    |    |    `--J. antiguensis (Chace 1972) H86
    |    `--Parhippolyte Borradaile 1899 MD01, H86
    |         `--P. uveae Borradaile 1899 H86
    |--Alpheidae D84
    |    |--Synalpheus D84
    |    |--Salmoneus ortmanni M85
    |    |--Alpheopsis trispinosa (Stimpson 1861) MG-H11
    |    |--Alpheus D84
    |    |--Potamalpheops Powell 1979 H86
    |    |    `--P. stygicola (Hobbs 1973) [=Alpheopsis stygicola] H86
    |    |--Automate H86
    |    |    |--A. branchialis Holthuis & Gottlieb 1958 KK03
    |    |    `--A. dolichognatha de Man 1888 H86
    |    `--Metabetaeus Borradaile 1899 H86
    |         |--M. lohena Banner & Banner 1960 H86
    |         `--M. minutus (Whitelegge 1897) H86
    `--Hippolytidae [Alopidae] MD01
         |--Alope spinifrons (Milne Edwards 1837) H86
         |--Latreutes M85
         |    |--L. fucorum [incl. L. ensiferus] M85
         |    `--L. parvulus (Stimpson 1866) M88
         |--Chorismus antarcticus (Pfeffer 1887) FZA07
         |--Caridion MD01
         |--Thor amboinensis de Man 1888 TSH09
         |--Merhippolyte chacei Kensley, Tanter & Griffin 1987 MG-H11
         |--Tozeuma tomentosum (Baker 1904) MG-H11
         |--Yagerocaris cozumel Kensley 1988 CCS04
         |--Nauticaris Bate 1888 [Nauticarididae] B04
         |    `--N. marionis Bate 1888 FZA07
         |--Somersiella Hart & Manning 1981 H86
         |    `--S. sterreri Hart & Manning 1981 H86
         |--Calliasmata Holthuis 1973 H86
         |    |--C. pholidota Holthuis 1973 H86
         |    `--C. rimolii Chace 1975 H86
         |--Saron TSH09
         |    |--S. marmoratus (Oliver 1811) TSH09
         |    `--S. neglectus de Man 1902 TSH09
         |--Lebbeus MG-H11
         |    |--L. clarehannah McCallum & Poore 2010 MG-H11
         |    `--L. polaris (Sabine 1824) FZA07
         |--Spirontocaris Spence Bate 1888 M85, S00
         |    |--S. gaimardii (Milne-Edwards 1837) (see below for synonymy) S00
         |    |--S. lilljeborgii (Danielssen 1861) M85, S00 [=Hippolyte liljeborgi S00]
         |    |--S. phippsii (Kröyer 1841) M85, S00 [=Hippolyte phippsii S00]
         |    |--S. polaris (Sabine 1821) (see below for synonymy) S00
         |    `--S. spinus (Sowerby 1805) (see below for synonymy) S00
         |--Eualus MG-H11
         |    |--E. fabricii M85
         |    |--E. gaimardii M85
         |    |--E. macilentus (Krøyer 1841) FZA07
         |    |--E. occultus (Lebour 1936) KK03
         |    `--E. pusiolus M85
         |--Lysmata MG-H11
         |    |--L. amboinensis (de Man 1888) MG-H11
         |    |--L. grabhami (Gordon 1935) CCS04
         |    |--L. rathbunae M85
         |    |--L. seticaudata (Risso 1816) KK03
         |    |--L. ternatensis PP64
         |    `--L. wurdemanni M85
         |--Hippolyte M85
         |    |--H. bifidirostris HS01
         |    |--H. curacaoensis Schmitt 1924 M88
         |    |--H. holthuisi Zariquiey-Alvarez 1953 KK03
         |    |--H. hunti BK77
         |    |--H. inermis Leach 1815 KK03
         |    |--H. leptocerus (Heller 1863) KK03
         |    |--H. leptometrae Ledoyer 1969 KK03
         |    |--H. longirostris PP64
         |    |--H. mauritanicus Lucas 1846 E12
         |    |--H. pleuracanthus (Stimpson 1871) M88
         |    |--H. turgida Kröyer 1841 CS77, S00 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `--H. zostericola (Smith 1873) M88
         `--Angasia SS72
              |--A. armata (Paulson 1875) [=Tozeuma armatum, T. armata] SS72
              `--A. carolinense [=Tozeuma carolinense] SS72

Hippolyte turgida Kröyer 1841 CS77, S00 [=Spirontocaris turgida S00; incl. H. ochotensis Brandt 1849 S00, H. vibrans Stimpson 1871 S00]

Spirontocaris gaimardii (Milne-Edwards 1837) [=Hippolyte gaimardii; incl. H. belcheri, H. gibba Kröyer 1842, H. pandaliformis] S00

Spirontocaris polaris (Sabine 1821) [=Alpheus polaris, Hippolyte polaris; incl. H. borealis Owen 1835, H. cultellata Norman 1867] S00

Spirontocaris spinus (Sowerby 1805) [=Cancer spinus, Alphaeus spinus, Alpheus spinus, Hippolyte spina, H. spinus; incl. H. securifrons Norman 1863, H. sowerbaei Leach 1817, H. sowerbei, H. sowerbyi] S00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 27 December 2021.

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