Giant tiger prawn Penaeus monodon, copyright CSIRO.

Belongs within: Decapoda.

The Penaeidae are a group of dendrobrachiate prawns in which the postrostral carina is reduced or absent on the posterior third of the carapace, being absent near the posterior margin or lacking any teeth in its posterior half. Members of the genus Penaeus are distinguished by the presence of ventral teeth on the rostrum (Huff & Cobb 1979).

<==Penaeidae [Penaeinae]
    |--Xiphopenaeus kroyeri (Heller 1869) HC79
    |--Trachypenaeopsis mobilispinis (Rathbun 1919) HC79
    |--Trachysalambria curvirostris (Stimpson 1860) HM03, KK03
    |--Rimapenaeus constrictus (Stimpson 1874) BF07
    |--Bombur Münster 1839 BWW93
    |--Antrimpos Münster 1839 BWW93
    |    `--A. atavus BWW93
    |--Trachypenaeus Alcock 1901 HC79
    |    |--T. constrictus (Stimpson 1871) (see below for synonymy) HC79
    |    |--T. curvirostris (Stimpson 1860) MG-H11
    |    `--T. similis Smith 1885 HC79
    |--Parapenaeus MG-H11
    |    |--P. australiensis Dall 1957 MG-H11
    |    |--P. fissuroides Crosnier 1985 MG-H11
    |    |--P. fissurus (Bate 1881) MG-H11
    |    |--P. longipes Alcock 1905 MG-H11
    |    |--P. longirostris (Lucas 1849) HC79
    |    |--P. murrayi Ramandan 1938 MG-H11
    |    `--P. sextuberculatus Kubo 1949 MG-H11
    |--Melicertus CB02
    |    |--M. canaliculatus (Olivier 1811) CB02
    |    |--M. kerathurus (Forsskål 1775) KK03
    |    |--M. latisulcatus (Krishinouye 1896) CB02
    |    |--M. longistylus (Kubo 1943) CB02
    |    |--M. marginatus (Randall 1840) CB02
    |    |--M. plebejus (Hess 1856) CB02
    |    `--M. similis Chanda & Bhattacharya 2002 CB02
    |--Metapenaeopsis Bouvier 1905 HC79
    |    |--M. crassisima Racek & Dall 1965 MG-H11
    |    |--M. difficilis Crosnier 1991 MG-H11
    |    |--M. gerardoi Pérez Farfante 1971 HC79
    |    |--M. goodei (Smith 1885) (see below for synonymy) HC79
    |    |--M. rosea Racek & Dall 1965 MG-H11
    |    |--M. smithi (Schmitt 1924) HC79
    |    |--M. vaillanti (Nobili 1904) MG-H11
    |    `--M. velutina (Dana 1852) MG-H11
    |--Metapenaeus Wood-Mason & Alcock 1891 KW70a
    |    |--*M. affinis (Milne Edwards 1837) KW70a (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--M. bennettae KW70b
    |    |--M. brevicornis KW70a
    |    |--M. burkenroadi Kubo 1954 R57
    |    |--M. conjunctus KW70a
    |    |--M. dalli Racek 1957 R57
    |    |--M. demani KW70a
    |    |--M. dobsoni KW70a
    |    |--M. eboracensis KW70a
    |    |--M. elegans [incl. M. singaporensis] KW70a
    |    |--M. endeavouri KW70a
    |    |--M. ensis [incl. M. incisipes, M. mastersii] KW70a
    |    |--M. insolitus KW70a
    |    |--M. intermedius KW70a
    |    |--M. joyneri KW70a
    |    |--M. lysianassa KW70a
    |    |--M. macleayi (Haswell 1879) (see below for synonymy) KW70a
    |    |--M. mastersii Racek 1955 R57
    |    |--M. monoceros (Fabricius 1798) DAS03
    |    |--M. papuensis KW70a
    |    |--M. stebbingi Nobili 1904 KK03
    |    |--M. suluensis KW70a
    |    `--M. tenuipes [incl. M. spinulatus] KW70a
    `--Penaeus Fabricius 1798 KW70b
         |--*P. monodon Fabricius 1798 [incl. P. carinatus] KW70b
         |--P. aztecus Ives 1891 HC79
         |--P. brasiliensis Latreille 1817 HC79
         |--P. brevirostris KW70b
         |--P. californiensis KW70b
         |--P. duorarum Burkenroad 1939 HC79
         |--P. esculentus KW70b
         |--P. gracilirostris KW70b
         |--P. indicus Milne Edwards 1837 H86
         |--P. japonicus KW70b
         |--P. kerathurus PP64
         |--P. latisulcatus KW70b
         |--P. longirostris Lucas 1846 E12
         |--P. longistylus KW70b
         |--P. marginatus KW70b
         |--P. merguiensis KW70b
         |--P. muelleri H04
         |--P. notialis Pérez Farfante 1967 HC79
         |--P. occidentalis KW70b
         |--P. orientalis KW70b
         |--P. penicillatus KW70b
         |--P. plebejus Hess 1865 (see below for synonymy) KW70b
         |--P. semisulcatus De Haan 1842 KK03
         |--P. setiferus (Linnaeus 1767) HC79
         |--P. stylirostris KW70b
         |--P. teraoi KW70b
         `--P. vannamei KW70b

Metapenaeopsis goodei (Smith 1885) [=Parapenaeus goodei, Penaeopsis goodei; incl. Parapenaeopsis rathbuni Bouvier 1905, Archipenaeopsis vestitus Bouvier 1905] HC79

*Metapenaeus affinis (Milne Edwards 1837) KW70a [=Penaeus affinis KW70a, Penaeopsis affinis R57; incl. M. mutatus KW70a, M. necopinans KW70a]

Metapenaeus macleayi (Haswell 1879) [=Penaeus macleayi, Penaeopsis macleayi; incl. Penaeus haswelli Phillips 1925] KW70a

Penaeus plebejus Hess 1865 [incl. P. canaliculatus var. australiensis Bate 1888, P. canaliculatus Haswell 1879, P. maccullochi Schmitt 1926] KW70b

Trachypenaeus constrictus (Stimpson 1871) [=Penaeus constrictus, Parapenaeus constrictus, Trachypeneus (l. c.) constrictus] HC79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 10 March 2022.

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