Isanda coronata, copyright Femorale.

Belongs within: Trochoidea.
Contains: Lirularia, Ethminolia.

The Umboniinae are a group of small top shells found mostly on soft substrates in shallower waters (Herbert 1992).

Characters (from Herbert 1992): Radula with teeth of central field reduced, marginals well-developed and numerous, latero-marginal plate present; protoconch small (<250 µm in diameter) and beaked; teleoconch often with scratch-like axial microsculpture; snout with subterminal papillae; forehead frequently narrow or absent and snout reduced in size (not in Monileini); eye stalks more or less elongate, curving up under shell margin in life, eyes usually large, terminal; left neck lobe variously modified to form particle exclusion filter, sometimes greatly hypertrophied; foot anteriorly bifid; ctenidium long, extending whole length of mantle cavity; ctenidial filaments elongate, with swollen tips and prominent bursicles, filaments on left side of ctenidial axis reduced or absent; afferent ctenidial membrane long, ctenidium sometimes attached to mantle skirt throughout its length.

<==Umboniinae [Rotelladae, Rotellinae, Umboniidae]
    |  i. s.: Callumbonella Thiele 1924 [=Umbotrochus Thiele 1924 non Perner 1903] KC60
    |           `--*C. gorgonarum (Fischer 1883) [=*Umbotrochus gorgonarum] KC60
    |         ‘Minolia’ edithae Melvill 1891 H92
    |         ‘Minolia’ biangulosa (Adams 1855) H92
    |         ‘Solariella’ dereimsi Dollfus 1911 H92
    |         ‘Solariella’ canaliculata Smith 1872 H92
    |--Bankivia Krauss 1848 [Bankiviini] BR05
    |    |--B. (Bankivia) fasciata (Menke 1830) KC60 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--B. (Leiopyrga Adams & Adams 1863) KC60
    |         `--B. (*L.) lineolaris (Gould 1861) KC60 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Umboniini H92
    |    |--Umbonium Link 1807 H92 [=Globulus Schumacher 1817 KC60, Rotella Lamarck 1822 BR05]
    |    |    |  i. s.: U. costatum (Valenciennes in Kiener 1838–1839) H92
    |    |    |         U. eloiseae Dance, Moolenbeek & Dekker 1992 BC01
    |    |    |--*U. (U.) vestiarium (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy) KC60
    |    |    |--U. (Ethaliella Pilsbry 1905) KC60
    |    |    |    `--U. (*E.) floccata (Sowerby 1903) [=Ethalia floccata] KC60
    |    |    |--U. (Protorotella Makiyama 1925) KC60
    |    |    |    `--U. (*P.) yuantaniensis (Makiyama 1925) [=*Protorotella yuantaniensis] KC60
    |    |    `--U. (Suchium Makiyama 1925) KC60
    |    |         `--U. (*S.) suchiense Yokoyama 1923 KC60
    |    |--Lirularia H92
    |    |--Inkaba Herbert 1992 H92
    |    |    `--*I. tonga Herbert 1992 H92
    |    |--Zethalia Finlay 1926 H92 [incl. Ethaliopsis Cossmann 1918 non Schepman 1908 KC60]
    |    |    `--*Z. zelandicum (Adams 1854) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--Antisolarium Finlay 1926 H92
    |    |    |--*A. egenum (Gould 1849) F27 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    `--A. stoliczkai (Zittel 1865) [=Solariella stoliczkai] F27
    |    `--Pseudominolia Herbert 1992 H92
    |         |--*P. splendens (Sowerby 1897) [=Solariella splendens; incl. Minolia variegata Odhner 1919] H92
    |         |--‘Solariella’ algoensis Thiele 1925 (see below for synonymy) H92
    |         |--‘Minolia’ climacota Melvill 1897 H92
    |         `--‘Minolia’ variabilis Adams 1853 H92
    |--Isanda Adams & Adams 1854 [Isandini] BR05
    |    |  i. s.: I. hornungi (Bisacchi 1931) H92
    |    |--*I. (Isanda) coronata Adams 1854 KC60
    |    |--I. (Archiminolia Iredale 1929) KC60
    |    |    `--I. (*A.) oleacea (Hedley & Petterd 1905) [=Monilea oleacea] KC60
    |    |--I. (Conominolia Finlay 1927) KC60
    |    |    |--I. (*C.) conica (Marshall 1917) [=Heliacus conicus] KC60
    |    |    `--'Conominolia' sulcatina (Suter 1917) [=Solariella sulcatina] F27
    |    |--I. (Parminolia Iredale 1929) KC60
    |    |    `--I. (P.) apicina (Gould 1861) (see below for synonymy) KC60
    |    |--I. (Umbonella Adams 1863) KC60
    |    |    `--I. (*U.) murrea (Reeve 1848) [=Turbo murreus] KC60
    |    |--I. (Vanitrochus Iredale 1929) [incl. Conotrochus Pilsbry 1889 non Schröter 1863] KC60
    |    |    `--I. (*V.) tragema (Melvill & Standen 1869) [=Solariella tragema] KC60
    |    `--I. (Waisiolia Beets 1942) KC60
    |         `--I. (*W.) jucanda Beets 1942 KC60
    |--Talopia Gray 1842 [Talopiidae, Talopiini] BR05
    `--Monileini H92
         |--Talopena Iredale 1918 H92
         |    |--*T. incerta Iredale 1913 H92 [=Monilea incerta KC60]
         |    |--T. gloriola Iredale 1929 H92
         |    |--T. lifuana (Fischer 1878) H92 [=Trochus lifuanus H92, Monilea lifuana H09]
         |    |--T. vernicosa (Gould 1861) MG-H11
         |    `--T. vitiliginea (Menke 1843) F27, H09 [=Trochus vitiligineus H09, Monilea vitiliginea H09]
         |--Monilea Swainson 1840 BR05
         |    |  i. s.: M. glaphyrella (Melvill & Standen 1895) [=Minolia glaphyrella] H09
         |    |         M. lentiginosa Adams 1852 H09
         |    |         M. patricia (Philippi 1851) H92
         |    |         M. philippii Adams 1855 [=Ethalia philippii] H92
         |    |         M. pudibunda (Fischer 1878) [=Trochus pudibundus] H09
         |    |         M. tropicalis Hedley 1907 H09
         |    |         M. vernicosa Gould 1861 H92
         |    |--*M. (Monilea) callifera (Lamarck 1822) [=Trochus calliferus] KC60
         |    |--M. (Priotrochus Fischer in Kiener 1879) [=Aphanotrochus Martens 1880] KC60
         |    |    `--M. (*P.) obscura (Wood 1828) [=Trochus obscurus, *Aphanotrochus obscurus] KC60
         |    `--M. (Rossiteria Brazier 1895) [=Solanderia Fischer in Kiener 1879 non Duchassaing & Michelin 1846] KC60
         |         `--M. (*R.) nuclea (Philippi 1849) [=Trochus nucleus] KC60
         |--Ethalia Adams & Adams 1854 [incl. Liotrochus Fischer 1878] H92
         |    |--*E. guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) H92 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |    |--E. g. guamensis H92
         |    |    `--E. g. selenomphala Pilsbry 1905 H92
         |    |--E. bysma Herbert 1992 H92
         |    |--E. carneolata Melvill 1897 (see below for synonymy) H92
         |    |--E. electra Herbert 1992 H92
         |    |--E. gilchristae Herbert 1992 H92
         |    |--E. lamprus (Watson 1880) [=Trochus (Solariella) lamprus] H92
         |    |--E. minolina Melvill 1897 [incl. E. minolina var. infralaevior Schepman 1908] H92
         |    |--E. pulchella (Adams 1855) [=Isanda pulchella] H09
         |    `--E. striolata (Adams 1855) [incl. E. trilobata Sowerby in Reeve 1875-1878] H92
         `--Ethminolia H92

*Antisolarium egenum (Gould 1849) F27 [=Solarium (Torinia) egenum H92, Minolia egena F27, Solariella egena F27; incl. Margarita dilecta Adams 1855 H92, Solariella dilecta H92, Trochus (Solariella) dilectus H92]

Bankivia (Bankivia) fasciata (Menke 1830) KC60 [=Phasianella fasciata KC60, Cantharidus fasciatus F27; incl. *B. varians Krauss 1848 KC60]

Bankivia (*Leiopyrga) lineolaris (Gould 1861) KC60 [=Cantharidus lineolaris KC60; incl. *Leiopyrga picturata Adams & Adams 1863 KC60, C. picturatus F27]

Ethalia carneolata Melvill 1897 [=Rotella carneolata; incl. E. carneolata var. rubrostrigata Melvill 1904] H92

*Ethalia guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) H92 [=Rotella guamensis H09, Umbonium (*Ethalia) guamense KC60; incl. R. montrouzieri Souverbie 1860 H92, *Liotrochus montrouzieri H92]

Isanda (Parminolia) apicina (Gould 1861) [=Monilea apicina; incl. Minolia agapeta Melvill & Standen 1896, *Parminolia agapeta] KC60

‘Solariella’ algoensis Thiele 1925 [incl. Margarita articulata Gould 1861 non Adams 1853, Gibbula articulata, Minolia articulata, Pseudominolia articulata, Mi. bleeki Thiele 1925] H92

*Umbonium (Umbonium) vestiarium (Linnaeus 1758) [=Trochus vestiarius, *Globulus vestiarius, *Rotella vestiaria] KC60

*Zethalia zelandica (Adams 1854) P61 [=Umbonium zelandicum KC60, Ethalia zelandica Rousseau 1854 F27; incl. Globulus anguliferus Philippi 1854 non Sowerby 1840 F27, *Ethaliopsis angulifera F27, Umbonium anguliferum F27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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