Brown rock shrimp Sicyonia brevirostris, copyright D. Flescher.

Belongs within: Decapoda.

Sicyonia is a genus of dendrobrachiate prawns with the carapace bearing a postrostral carina extending and prominent to or nearly to its posterior margin, with at least one tooth on the posterior half of the carina (Huff & Cobb 1979).

<==Sicyonia Milne Edwards 1830 [Sicyoniidae] HC79
    |--S. brevirostris Stimpson 1871 [=Eusicyonia brevirostris] HC79
    |--S. burkenroadi Cob 1971 HC79
    |--S. carinata (Brünnich 1768) KK03 [=Cancer carinatus HC79]
    |--S. cristata (de Haan 1844) DAS03
    |--S. dorsalis Kingsley 1878 HC79
    |--S. inflexa (Kubo 1949) MG-H11
    |--S. japonica Balss 1914 MG-H11
    |--S. laevigata Stimpson 1871 HC79
    |--S. parri Burkenroad 1934 HC79
    |--S. stimpsoni Bouvier 1905 [=Eusicyonia stimpsoni] HC79
    |--S. typica (Boeck 1864) (see below for synonymy) HC79
    `--S. vitulans (Kubo 1949) MG-H11

Sicyonia typica (Boeck 1864) [=Synhimantites typicus; incl. Palaemon carinatus Olivier 1811, Sicyonia carinata non Cancer carinatus Brünnich 1768, Si. edwardsi Miers 1881, Eusicyonia edwardsi] HC79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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