Bursa cubaniana, copyright Jacksonville Shell Club.

Belongs within: Tonnoidea.

The Bursidae, frog shells, are a group of marine gastropods that are most commonly found in shallow water among coral or rocks. The shell is usually heavy and strongly ornamented, commonly with a warty appearance that gives rise to the vernacular name. They may be distinguished from related, similar shells among the tritons and trumpets by the presence of a strong notch at the posterior end of the aperture (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell usuall heavy, strongly nodulose or spiny, covered with calcareous growths; varices strong; anterior canal short; posterior canal represented by deep notch at posterior end of aperture; operculum horny.

    |--Hanaibursa aequilana (Parona 1909) TTE93
    |--Tutufa Jousseaume 1881 [Tutufinae] BR05
    |    |  i. s.: T. bufo Röding 1798 MG-H11
    |    |         T. rubeta (Linnaeus 1758) BW09 [=Bursa rubeta WG71]
    |    |--*T. (Tutufa) bubo (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--T. (Tutufella Beu 1981) BC01
    |         `--T. (T.) nigrita Mühlhäusser & Blöcher 1979 BC01
    |--Bufonaria Schumacher 1817 O27
    |    |--B. bufo (Bruguière 1792) H14
    |    |--B. californica (Hinds 1843) [=Bursa (Bufonaria) californica] O27
    |    |--B. (Bufonaria) cristinae Parth 1989 BC01
    |    |--B. crumena (Lamarck 1816) MG-H11
    |    |--B. fernandesi Beu 1977 ES88
    |    `--B. rana (Linnaeus 1758) MG-H11
    `--Bursa Röding 1798 [Bursinae] BR05
         |  i. s.: B. bitubercularis (Lamarck 1822) [=Ranella bitubercularis] H09
         |         B. corrugata (Reeve 1844) S11
         |         B. cruentata (Sowerby 1841) BW09
         |         B. fuscocostata Dkr. 1862 C64
         |         B. humilis Beu 1981 MG-H11
         |         B. lamarckii (Deshayes 1853) BW09
         |         B. lampas (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex lampas] H09
         |         B. latitudo Garrard 1961 WG71
         |         B. mammata H15
         |         B. pusilla (Broderip 1833) [=Ranella pusilla, Gyrineum pusillum] H09
         |         B. rana (Linnaeus 1758) WG71 [=Murex rana H09; incl. B. cavitensis Reeve 1843 WG71]
         |         B. rhodostoma (Beck in Sowerby 1835) BW09
         |         B. rosa Perry 1811 [incl. B. siphonata Reeve 1844] WG71
         |         B. saundersi Adegoke 1977 TTE93
         |         B. tenuisculpta (Dautzenberg & Fisher 1906) S11
         |         B. thomae (Orbigny 1842) S11
         |         B. venustula (Reeve 1844) [=Ranella venustula] H09
         |--B. (Bursa) BC01
         |    |--*B. (B.) bufonia (Gmelin 1791) [=Murex bufonius; incl. B. monitata Röding 1798] BR17
         |    |--B. (B.) davidboschi Beu 1986 BC01
         |    |--B. (B.) granifera [=Ranella granifera] O27
         |    |--B. (B.) lucaensis Parth 1991 BC01
         |    `--B. (B.) grayana (Dunker 1868) [incl. B. pacamoni Matthews & Coelho 1971] BC01
         |--B. (Colubrellina Fischer 1884) BC01, WG71
         |    `--B. (C.) quirihorai Beu 1986 BC01
         `--B. (Dulcerana Iredale 1931) WG71
              |--B. (D.) cubaniana (Orbigny 1842) BC01, S11 (see below for synonymy)
              `--B. (D.) granularis (Röding 1798) BW09, WG71 (see below for synonymy)

Bursa (Dulcerana) cubaniana (Orbigny 1842) BC01, S11 [=B. granularis cubaniana BC01; incl. B. cubaniana var. intermedia Usticke 1959 BC01, B. corrugata var. lineata Usticke 1959 BC01]

Bursa (Dulcerana) granularis (Röding 1798) BW09, WG71 [=Colubrellina (D.) granularis WG71; incl. C. affinis Broderip 1832 WG71, C. semigranosa Lamarck 1822 WG71]

*Tutufa (Tutufa) bubo (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 [=Murex bubo BR17, Bursa bubo WG71; incl. B. rubeta gigantea Smith 1914 WG71, T. lampas Linnaeus 1758 WG71]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 6 June 2021.

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