Thalassocaris crinita, photographed by artour_a.

Belongs within: Decapoda.
Contains: Pasiphaeidae, Atyidae, Nematocarcinoidea, Processidae, Alpheoidea, Crangonoidea, Pandalidae, Palaemonidae.

The Caridea are one of the main groups of true shrimps (Decapoda). Members of the group have phyllobranchiate gills and chelate first and (usually) second pereiopods, but lack chelae on the third pereiopods. Another potential synapomorphy of the carideans is the 'caridean lobe' on the first maxilliped (Dixon et al. 2003).

    |--+--Procaris Chace & Manning 1972 DAS03, H86 [Procarididae, Procaridoidea]
    |  |    |--P. ascensionis Chace & Manning 1972 DAS03
    |  |    `--P. hawaiana Holthuis 1973 H86
    |  `--+--Alpheoidea DAS03
    |     `--Crangonoidea DAS03
    `--+--Atyoida pilipes (Newport 1847) DAS03
       `--+--Pandaloidea MD01
          |    |--Pandalidae MD01
          |    `--Thalassocarididae [Thalassocaridae] MD01
          |         |--Chlorotocoides Kemp 1925 C85
          |         |    `--*C. spinicauda (De Man 1902) [=Chlorotocus spinicauda] C85
          |         `--Thalassocaris Stimpson 1860 DAS03, C85
          |              |--*T. lucida (Dana 1852) [=Regulus lucidus] C85
          |              |--T. crinita (Dana 1852) [=Regulus crinitus] C85
          |              `--T. obscura Menon & Williamson 1971 C85
          `--+--Leander DAS03
             |    |--L. serratus D56
             |    |--L. squilla D56
             |    |--L. tenuicornis (Say 1818) DAS03
             |    `--L. xiphias D56
             `--Palaemonoidea MD01
                  |--Palaemonidae DAS03
                  |--Desmocarididae MD01
                  |--Hymenoceridae MD01
                  |--Kakaducarididae MD01
                  |--Anchistioides MG-H11 [Anchistioididae MD01]
                  |    `--A. willeyi (Borradaile 1899) MG-H11
                  |--Gnathophyllum M85 [Gnathophyllidae MD01]
                  |    |--G. elegans (Risso 1816) KK03
                  |    `--G. modestum M85
                  |--Euryrhynchus H86 [Euryrhynchidae MD01, Euryrhynchinae]
                  |    |--E. burchelli Calman 1907 H86
                  |    `--E. wrzesniowskii Miers 1870 H86
                  `--Typhlocaris Calman 1909 H86 [Typhlocarididae MD01, Typhlocaridinae]
                       |--T. galilea Calman 1909 H86
                       |--T. lethaea Parisi 1921 H86
                       `--T. salentina Caroli 1923 H86

Caridea incertae sedis:
  Oplophoridae [Oplophoroidea] MG-H11
    |--Janicella spinicauda (Milne Edwards 1883) MG-H11
    |--Systellaspis debilis (Milne Edwards 1881) MG-H11
    |--Oplophorus MG-H11
    |    |--O. gracilirostris Milne Edwards 1881 MG-H11
    |    `--O. novaezelandiae (de Man 1931) MG-H11
    `--Acanthephyra MG-H11
         |--A. armata Milne Edwards 1881 MG-H11
         |--A. faxoni Calman 1939 MG-H11
         |--A. pelagica (Risso 1816) KK03
         |--A. purpurea M85
         `--A. quadrispinosa Kemp 1939 MG-H11
  Galatheacaris [Galatheacarididae, Galatheacaridoidea] MD01
    `--G. abyssalis MD01
  Bresilioidea MD01
    |--Agostocaris KIY04 [Agostocarididae MD01]
    |    `--A. williamsi KIY04
    |--Alvinocarididae MD01
    |--Discias [Bresiliidae, Disciadidae] MG-H11
    |    `--D. brownae Kensley 1983 MG-H11
    `--Mirocaris [Mirocarididae] MD01
         `--*M. fortunata (Martin & Christiansen 1995) [=Chorocaris fortunata] MD01
  Campylonotoidea MD01
    |--Bathypalaemonella [Bathypalaemonellidae] MD01
    |    `--B. pilosipes Bruce 1986 MG-H11
    `--Campylonotus [Campylonotidae] MG-H11
         `--C. rathbunae Schmitt 1926 MG-H11
  Pasiphaeidae MD01
  Atyidae MD01
  Nematocarcinoidea MD01
  Psalidopodidae [Psalidopodoidea] MD01
  Stylodactylidae [Stylodactyloidea] MD01
    |--Stylodactylus B04
    |    |--S. licinus Chace 1983 B04
    |    `--S. multidentatus Kubo 1942 B04
    `--Parastylodactylus B04
         |--P. bimaxillaris (Bate 1888) B04
         |--P. richeri Cleva 1990 B04
         `--P. tranterae Cleva 1990 B04
  Physetocarididae [Physetocaridoidea] MD01
  Processidae MG-H11
  Hippolysmata grabhami SC62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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