Atys naucum, copyright Erwin Köhler.

Belongs within: Cephalaspidea.

The Haminoeidae are a group of bubble snails that primarily graze on algal tissue and/or diatoms; the shell may be partially or entirely covered by lateral outgrowths of the mantle. The shell may be thin and fragile as in the genus Haminoea, or relatively solid and thick as in Atys.

Characters (from Too et al. 2014): Shell usually thin, translucent, fragile, occasionally solid and thick; varying from bulloid to cylindrical-elongate; spiral grooves may be present at ends or covering entire shell. Mantle and other body parts usually dull and cryptically coloured, occasionally colourful or capable of changing colour to suit environment. Muscular buccal bulb present containing chitinous jaws and radula formed by variably-shaped central tooth plus hook-shaped lateral teeth. Fizzard present with three plates containing pointed rods.

    |--Liloa curta (Adams 1850) MG-H11
    |--Haminoea Turton 1830 [Hamineinae, Haminoeinae] BR05
    |    |--*H. hydatis [=Bulla hydatis] O27
    |    |--H. arthuri Finlay 1927 [=Bulla ambigua Adams 1850 nec Gmelin 1791 nec d’Orbigny 1842, H. ambigua] F27
    |    |--H. olgae Dall 1919 O27
    |    |--H. vesicula Gould 1855 O27
    |    |--H. virescens Sowerby 1833 O27
    |    `--H. zelandiae Gray 1843 P61
    `--Atys Montfort 1810 [Atydidae, Atydinae, Atydoidea] BR05
         |--*A. naucum (Linnaeus 1758) O27, BR05 [=Bulla naucum BR05]
         |--A. casta Carpenter 1864 O27
         |--A. cheverti Brazier 1877 H09
         |--A. cylindricus (Helbling 1779) BW09 [=Bulla cylindrica H09]
         |--A. darnleyensis Brazier 1877 H09
         |--A. debilis Pease 1860 H09
         |--A. decora (Brazier 1877) [=Haminea decora] H09
         |--A. extensa Finlay 1927 [=Bulla elongata Adams 1850 non Phillips 1835, Atys elongata] F27
         |--A. monodonta (Adams 1850) [=Bulla monodonta] H09
         |--A. nonscripta (Adams 1850) [=Bulla nonscripta] O27
         |--A. solida (Bruguière 1792) [=Bulla solida] H09
         `--A. tortuosa (Adams 1850) [=Bulla tortuosa] H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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