Clio pyramidata, copyright R. W. Gilmer and G. R. Harbison.

Belongs within: Thecosomata.

The Cavoliniidae are a group of sea butterflies with an uncoiled shell present at maturity.

<==Cavoliniidae [Cavolinidae, Hyalaeidae, Hyalinea]
    |--Creseis Rang 1828 [Creseidae, Creseinae] BR05
    |    `--C. conica B26
    |--Cuvierininae [Cuvierinidae, Cuvieridae, Cuvieriidae, Tripteridae] BR05
    |    |--‘Cuvieria’ Rang 1827 non Lesueur & Petit 1807 BR05
    |    |--Triptera Quoy & Gaimard 1824 BR05
    |    `--Cuvierina Boas 1886 BR05
    |         |--C. columnella (Rang. 1827) [=Cuvieria columnella] H09
    |         `--C. urceolaris F27
    |--Cavolinia Abildgaard 1791 [incl. Hyalaea Lamarck 1799; Cavoliniinae] BR05
    |    |--*C. tridentata [=Hyalea tridentata] O27
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ gibbosa (d’Orbigny 1836) [=Hyalaea gibbosa] H09
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ inflexa (Lesueur 1813) F27 [=Hyalaea inflexa H09]
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ longirostris (Lesueur 1821) [=Hyalaea longirostris] H09
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ occidentalis Dall 1908 O27
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ quadridentata (Lesueur 1821) [=Hyalaea quadridentata] H09
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ strangulata Hedley 1907 F27
    |    |--‘Cavolina’ telemus (Linnaeus 1758) F27
    |    `--‘Cavolina’ uncinata (d’Orbigny 1836) [=Hyalaea uncinata] H09
    `--Clioinae [Cliidae, Clioidae] BR05
         |--Cleodora PĂ©ron & Lesueur 1810 [Cleodoridae] BR05
         `--Clio Linnaeus 1767 BR05
              |--*C. pyramidata Linne 1767 O27, H09
              |--C. acicula (Rang. 1828) [=Creseis acicula] H09
              |--C. annulata (Tate 1887) F27
              |--C. exacuta Gould 1852 O27
              |--C. occidentalis Dall 1871 O27
              |--C. rangiana F27
              |--C. striata (Rang. 1828) [=Creseis striata] H09
              |--C. subula (Quoy & Gaimard 1827) [=Cleodora subula] H09
              |--C. urenuiensis Suter 1917 F27
              `--C. virgula (Rang. 1828) [=Creseis virgula] H09

Cavoliniidae incertae sedis:
  Diacria trispinosa (Lesueur 1821) [=Hyalaea trispinosa, Cavolina trispinosa] F27
  Styliola Gray 1847 O27, BR05
    |--*S. subulata (Q. & G. 1827) O27, F27 [=S. sublata (l. c.) F27]
    `--S. falcata Gould 1852 O27
  Cliodita caduceus Q. & G. 1825 F27
  Embolus inflatus (d’Orbigny 1836) F27 [=Atlanta inflata H09, Limacina inflata F27]
  Lornia Marwick 1926 F27
    `--*L. limata Marwick 1926 F27
  Vaginella F27
    |--V. aucklandica Clarke 1903 F27
    |--V. torpedo Marshall 1918 F27
    `--V. urceolaris (Moerch 1850) F27

Nomen nudum: Clio tatei Suter 1915 F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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