Shell of Cylichnella bidentatus, copyright David Kirsh.

Belongs within: Cephalaspidea.

The Diaphanidae are a group of thin-shelled bubble snails lacking mantle parapodia, jaws or gizzard plates.

Characters (from Ohnheiser & Malaquias 2014): Umbilicate thin, fragile, voluminous shell present into which the animal is capable of retreating completely; jaws and gizzard plates absent, radula usually with single lateral tooth on each side and rachidian present. Foot usually forked posteriorly, parapodia absent. Penis armed.

<==Diaphanidae BR05
    |--Toledonia Dall 1902 [Toledoniinae, Toledoninae] BR05
    |    `--T. limnaeaeformis (Smith 1877) [=Admete limnaeaeformis, Cancellaria limnaeiformis (l. c.)] PH90
    |--Brocktonia Iredale 1915 O27
    |    `--B. polystrigma Dall 1908 O27
    |--Diaphana Brown 1827 [incl. Amphisphyra LovĂ©n 1846; Amphisphyradae, Amphisphyridae, Diaphaninae] BR05
    |    |--*D. minuta O27
    |    |--D. brunnea Dall 1919 O27
    |    |--D. californica Dall 1919 O27
    |    `--D. globosa Loven 1846 O27
    `--Cylichnella Gabb 1872 O27
         |  i. s.: C. arachis F27
         |         C. pygmaea F27
         |         C. thetidis F27
         |         C. zealandica F27
         |--*C. (Cylichnella) bidentatus O27
         `--C. (Bullinella Newton 1891) O27
              |--C. (B.) alba Brown 1827 O27
              |--C. (B.) attonsa Carpenter 1865 O27
              |--C. (B.) diegensis Dall 1919 O27
              |--‘Bullinella’ enysi A27
              |--C. (B.) nucleola (Reeve 1855) [=Bulla nucleola] O27
              `--C. (B.) occulta Mighels 1841 O27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Ohnheiser, L. T., & M. A. E. Malaquias. 2014. The family Diaphanidae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea) in Europe, with a redescription of the enigmatic species Colobocephalus costellatus M. Sars, 1870. Zootaxa 3774 (6): 501–522.

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