Philine scabra, copyright Daniel L. Geiger.

Belongs within: Cephalaspidea.

The Philinidae are a group of headshield slugs with a delicate internal shell and a dorsal aspect divided between the four regions of head, visceral mass and lateral parapodial lobes.

<==Philinidae BR05
    |--Bullaea Lamarck 1801 [=Bullea (l. c.), Bullinia Rafinesque 1815; Bullaeana, Bullaeidae, Bullinitia] BR05
    |--Laona Adams 1865 [Laoninae] BR05
    `--Philine Ascanius 1772 BR05
         |--*P. aperta O27 [=Bullaea aperta BR05]
         |--P. angasi (Crosse & Fischer 1845) [=Bullaea angasi] H09
         |--P. bakeri Dall 1919 O27
         |--P. catena (Montagu 1803) APS-P86
         |--P. denticulata (Adams 1800) APS-P86
         |--P. exigua Challis 1969 APS-P86
         |--P. finmarchica O27
         |--P. gibba M62
         |--P. polaris Aurivillius 1885 O27
         |--P. quadrata APS-P86
         |--P. scabra APS-P86
         |--P. schroeteri (Philippi 1844) [=Bullaea schroeteri] H09
         `--P. sinuata Stimpson 1850 APS-P86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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