Tasmanian hairy cicada Tettigarcta tomentosa, copyright Simon Grove.

Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha.
Contains: Cercopoidea, Tibicinidae, Cicadidae, Cicadellidae, Membracidae.

The Clypeata are the crown clade of living species of the Cicadomorpha. They are characterised by a large, swollen postclypeus, and probably ancestrally feed on xylem (some subgroups feed on phloem or mesophyll) (Shcherbakov & Popov 2002). Three ocelli are present on the crown of the head in members of the Cicadoidea whereas members of Cercopoidea and Cicadelloidea possess only two ocelli in various positions or lack ocelli entirely. Cicadelloidea have longer hind tibiae, more angular in cross section and usually more spinose, than the short, cylindrical hind tibiae of Cercopoidea (Carver et al. 1991). Within the Cicadoidea, the hairy cicadas of the Tettigarctidae differ from other cicadas in having fore wings with the radial sector (RP) arising near the base of the wing and veins CuP and 1A separated, and a long pronotum that overreaches the mesonotum (Carver et al. 1991).

    |--Hylicellidae [Hylicelloidea] SP02
    |    |--Vietocycla SP02
    |    `--Cycloscytina [incl. Mesocixiella] RJ93
    |--+--Cercopoidea SP02
    |  `--Cicadoidea SP02
    |       |  i. s.: Liassocicada GE05
    |       |         Tettigades VLM14
    |       |           |--T. auropilosa VLM14
    |       |           |--T. chilensis E66
    |       |           |--T. ulnaria VLM14
    |       |           `--T. undata VLM14
    |       |         Poecilopsaltria brancsiki E66
    |       |--Tibicinidae ZA05
    |       |--Cicadidae ZA05
    |       `--Tettigarctidae [Cicadaprosbolidae] GE05
    |            |--Turutanovia karatavica SP02
    |            |--Eotettigarcta GE05
    |            |--Cicadoprosbole K-P91
    |            |--Architettix compacta Hamilton 1990 RJ93
    |            |--Quadrisbole vieta Lin 1986 RJ93
    |            |--Lacunisbole ligonis Lin 1986 RJ93
    |            `--Tettigarcta SP02
    |                 |--T. crinita CGW91
    |                 `--T. tomentosa CGW91
    `--Cicadelloidea [Jassoidea, Membracoidea] GE05
         |--Karajassidae GE05
         |--Aetalionidae SP02
         |--Cicadellidae GE05
         |--Hylicidae CGW91
         |--Biturritiidae RD77
         |--Nicomiidae WEE74
         |--Membracidae GE05
         `--Jascopus P92 [Jascopidae GE05]
              `--J. notabilis P92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 May 2022.

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