Proconosama columbica, photographed by R. Rakitov.

Belongs within: Cicadellidae.

The Proconiini, sharpshooters, is a tribe of xylem-feeding leafhoppers endemic to the New World.

Characters (from Paradell et al. 2012): Posterior legs at rest with knees not attaining posterior proepimeral margins; male pygofer and plates both usually with numerous evenly dispersed microsetae; antennal ledges usually protuberant in dorsal aspect.

    |--Desamera intersecta (Germar 1821) [incl. Coelopola adspersa var. peruviana Melichar 1926] WT07
    |--Ichthyobelus bellicosus Melichar 1925 WT07
    |--Yotala boliviana Melichar 1925 WT07
    |--Dicrophleps despecta Melichar 1925 WT07
    |--Deselvana excavata [incl. Teletusa excavata atra Melichar 1925] WT07
    |--Stictoscarta exoleta Melichar 1926 WT07
    |--Homalodisca indefensa Melichar 1924 WT07
    |--Cyrtodisca major (Signoret 1854) (see below for synonymy) WT07
    |--Pseudophera divergens (Schmidt 1911) [incl. P. procera Melichar 1925] WT07
    |--Ciccus adspersus (Fabricius 1803) [incl. Amblydisca punctulifera Melichar 1926] WT07
    |--Abana horvathi (Jacobi 1905) (see below for synonymy) WT07
    |--Paracrocampsa Young 1968 WT07
    |    `--P. discreta (Melichar 1926) [=Amblydisca discreta] WT07
    |--Depanisca Young 1968 WT07
    |    `--D. incarnatula (Melichar 1926) [=Amblydisca incarnatula] WT07
    |--Egidemia China 1927 WT07
    |    `--E. obtusata (Melichar 1925) [=Oncometopia (Dichometopia) obtusata] WT07
    |--Hyogonia China 1927 WT07
    |    `--H. reticulata (Melichar 1925) [=Oncometopia reticulata] WT07
    |--Diestostemma Amyot & Serville 1843 WT07
    |    |--D. dolosum (Melichar 1924) [=Heterostemma dolosum] WT07
    |    `--D. ptolyca Distant 1908 [incl. D. limatum Melichar 1924] WT07
    |--Oncometopia WT07
    |    |--O. expansa Melichar 1925 WT07
    |    `--O. facialis (Signoret 1854) WT07
    |--Aulacizes WT07
    |    |--A. clypeata (Signoret 1855) WT07
    |    `--A. obsoleta Melichar 1926 WT07
    |--Tretogonia WT07
    |    |--T. callifera Melichar 1926 WT07
    |    |--T. notatifrons Melichar 1926 WT07
    |    `--T. punctatissima Melichar 1926 WT07
    |--Proconia WT07
    |    |--P. esmeraldae Melichar 1924 WT07
    |    |--P. fusca Melichar 1924 WT07
    |    `--P. marmorata [incl. P. marmorata var. boliviana Melichar 1924] WT07
    `--Proconosama Young 1968 WT07
         |--P. columbica (Signoret 1855) [incl. Aulacizes integra Melichar 1926] WT07
         |--P. haenschi (Melichar 1926) [=Aulacizes haenschi] WT07
         `--P. misella (Melichar 1926) [=Aulacizes misella, Paracrocampsa misella] WT07

Abana horvathi (Jacobi 1905) [incl. A. subfasciata var. albidipennis Melichar 1926, A. sonora Melichar 1926, A. subfasciata Melichar 1926] WT07

Cyrtodisca major (Signoret 1854) [incl. C. major var. nigromarginata Melichar 1925, C. major var. rufa Melichar 1925] WT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


Paradell, S. L., E. G. Virla, G. A. Logarzo & G. Dellapé. 2012. Proconiini sharpshooters of Argentina, with notes on its distribution, host plants, and natural enemies. Journal of Insect Science 12:116. Available online:

[WT07] Wilson, M. R., & D. M. Takiya. 2007. Cicadellinae (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) described by Leopold Melichar in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 99: 29-48.

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