Eutegaeus bostocki, photographed by Stephen Thorpe.

The Eutegaeidae are a family of oribatid bites characterised by the presence of long humeral processes on the notogaster, together with a thickened bothridium. In the genera Dudichella, Porrhotegaeus and Pterozetes, these processes are ventrally reflexed, and these genera have also lost the interlamellar setae, leading some authors to separate them as the Pterozetidae. Among other eutegaeids, the New Guinean Birotegaeus biroi is distinguished by the presence of nine pairs of setae on the notogaster (vs eight pairs otherwise) which also possesses a single small knob on the posterior edge (Balogh & Balogh 1992).

Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992): Prodorsum with true lamellae. Bothridium long, tubular. Notogaster with long horizontal humeral process, at least as long as half the length of prodorsum. Legs monodactyle.

Belongs within: Circumdehiscentiae.

<==Eutegaeidae [Pterozetidae]
    |--Atalotegaeus Luxton 1988 S04
    |    `--*A. mensarosi (Balogh & Balogh 1983) [=Eutegaeus mensarosi] S04
    |--Birotegaeus Luxton 1988 S04
    |    `--*B. biroi (Balogh 1970) [=Eutegaeus biroi] S04
    |--Dudichella Balogh 1970 S04
    |    `--*D. membranigera Balogh 1970 S04
    |--Pterozetes Hammer 1966 S04
    |    `--*P. novazealandicus Hammer 1966 S04
    |--Porrhotegaeus Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
    |    |--*P. ornatus Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
    |    `--P. herminae Balogh & Balogh 1983 S04
    |--Pareutegaeus Woolley 1965 S04
    |    |--*P. similis (Trägardh 1931) [=Eutegaeus similis] S04
    |    `--P. pulcher (Balogh & Csiszár 1963) [=Eutegaeus pulcher] S04
    |--Neoeutegaeus Aoki 1965 S04
    |    |--*N. silvicola (Hammer 1962) [=Eutegaeus silvicola] S04
    |    |--N. africanus Mahunka 1974 S04
    |    `--N. phyllophorus Balogh & Balogh 1983 S04
    |--Neseutegaeus Woolley 1965 S04
    |    |--*N. spinatus Woolley 1965 S04
    |    |--N. angustus Hammer 1966 S04
    |    |--N. consimilis Hammer 1966 S04
    |    |--N. denticulatus Balogh 1988 S04
    |    |--N. distentus Hammer 1966 S04
    |    |--N. latus Hammer 1966 S04
    |    `--N. monteithi Balogh & Balogh 1983 S04
    `--Eutegaeus Berlese 1916 S04
         |--*E. bostocki (Michael 1908) [=Oribata bostocki] S04
         |--E. biovatus Hammer 1972 S04
         |--E. curviseta Hammer 1966 DA07
         |--E. fueginus Arcidiacono 1993 S04
         |--E. lagrecai Arcidiacono 1993 S04
         |--E. membraniger Hammer 1966 S04
         |--E. papuensis Aoki 1965 S04
         |--E. pinnatus Hammer 1966 S04
         |--E. radiatus Hammer 1966 S04
         |--E. soror Balogh 1985 S04
         `--E. stylesi Hammer 1966 S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Balogh, J., & P. Balogh. 1992. The Oribatid Mites Genera of the World vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum: Budapest.

[DA07] Domes, K., M. Althammer, R. A. Norton, S. Scheu & M. Maraun. 2007. The phylogenetic relationship between Astigmata and Oribatida (Acari) as indicated by molecular markers. Experimental and Applied Acarology 42 (3): 159–171.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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