Cixius nervosus, photographed by Steve Tomlinson.

Belongs within: Fulgoromorpha.

The Cixiidae are a cosmopolitan group of plant-sucking bugs, the nymphs of which are mostly root-feeders (Carver et al. 1991).

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Head usually not prolonged, but if prolonged then with only a median carina or none (excluding lateral margins); median ocellus sometimes present; apical segment of rostrum distinctly longer than wide; fore wing veins often bearing setae set in tubercles; tegulae and claval furrow always distinct, apex of confluent anal veins not reaching apex of clavus; anal area of hind wings not reticulate; apex of second segment of hind tarsus with a ventral row of small dark spines.

    |--+--Duilius [Duiliini] E02
    |  |    |--D. fasciatus E02
    |  |    |--D. tamaricis E02
    |  |    `--D. tenuis E02
    |  `--+--Cajeta [Cajetini] E02
    |     |    `--C. singularis E02
    |     `--+--Stenophlepsiini E02
    |        `--+--Oecleini E02
    |           `--Bothriocera [Bothriocerinae] E02
    `--+--+--Eucarpia [Eucarpiini] E02
       |  `--Pintalia [Pintaliini] E02
       `--+--+--Mnemosyne [Pentastirini] E02
          |  `--+--Semo [Semonini] E02
          |     |    `--S. clypealis E02
          |     `--Cixius [Cixiini] E02
          |          |--C. aspilus M27
          |          |--C. nervosus E02
          |          |--C. orcus RH88
          |          `--C. (Tetracixius) pinivorus F05
          `--+--Andes [Andini] E02
             |    `--A. undulatus E02
             `--+--Brixia [Brixiini] E02
                |    `--B. natalensis E02
                `--+--Brixidia [Brixidiini] E02
                   `--Benna [Bennini] E02
                        |--B. capitulata E02
                        `--B. nasti E02

Cixiidae incertae sedis:
  Oliarus YS01
    |--O. angusticeps YS01
    |--O. oppositus [incl. Cixius marginalis] M27
    |--O. poyphemus RH88
    `--O. priola RH88
  Myndus E02
    |--M. calvipennis [=Pinacites calvipennis] E02
    |--M. rumina [=Colvanalia rumina] E02
    `--M. velox [=Myndodus velox] E02
  Achaemenes notatinervis E02
  Borysthenes [Borystheninae] E02
    `--B. fatalis E02
  Afroreptalus daemon E02
  Bennarella [Bennarellini] E02
    `--B. bicoloripennis E02
  Gelastocephalus [Gelastocephalini] E02
  Malpha muiri E02
  Dysoliarus E02
  Pseudoliarus E02
  Mundopa E02
  Pentastiridius leporinus E02
  Oecleopsis artemisiae E02
  Reptalus arcbogdulus E02
  Kuvera E02
  Koroana interior [=Cixius interior; incl. K. helena, C. rufifrons] M27
  Tachycixius RH88
    |--T. canariensis RH88
    `--T. lavatubus Remane & Hoch 1988 RH88
  Hyalesthes angustulus RH88
  Typhlobrixia namorokensis RH88
  Confuga persephone RH88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[YS01] Yoshizawa, K., & T. Saigusa. 2001. Phylogenetic analysis of paraneopteran orders (Insecta: Neoptera) based on forewing base structure with comments on monophyly of Auchenorrhycha (Hemiptera). Systematic Entomology 26: 1-13.

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