Autogneta sp., photographed by Jennifer M. Patterson.

Belongs within: Circumdehiscentiae.

The Autognetidae are a family of oribatid mites characterised by the presence of subparallel costulae on the prodorsum, and small humeral tubercles (Balogh & Balogh 1992). All genera except Austrogneta and Eremobodes have a median incision on the rostrum, and Balogh & Balogh (1992) suggested the latter two genera may be misplaced in this family. The northern Asian genus Parautogneta bears cristae on the anterior part of the notogaster (Balogh & Balogh 1992).

Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992): Prodorsum with long costulae, longer than half length of prodorsum, costulae at their basis converging, then more or less parallel extending to the rostral region. Rostrum usually with a median incision. Anterior part of notogaster without hollows; crista represented by small, obtuse humeral tubercle. Setae ad1 in postanal position. Legs monodactyle.

    |--Eremobodes Jacot 1937 S04
    |    `--*E. pectinatus Jacot 1937 S04
    |--Austrogneta Balogh & Csiszár 1963 S04
    |    |--*A. multipilosa Balogh & Csiszár 1963 S04
    |    `--A. quadridentata Hammer 1966 S04
    |--Parautogneta Golosova 1974 S04
    |    |--*P. silvatica Golosova 1974 S04
    |    `--P. golosovae Rjabinin 1975 S04
    |--Conchogneta Grandjean 1963 S04
    |    |--*C. dalecarlica (Forsslund 1947) [=Autogneta dalecarlica; incl. Oppia talischica Kulijev 1962] S04
    |    `--C. traegardhi (Forsslund 1947) [=Autogneta traegardhi] S04
    |--Raphigneta Grandjean 1960 NB-P09, S04
    |    |--*R. numidiana Grandjean 1960 [=Autogneta (*Rhaphigneta) numidiana] S04
    |    `--R. flagellata Mahunka 1977 [=Autogneta (Rhaphigneta) flagellata] S04
    |--Cosmogneta Grandjean 1960 S04
    |    |--*C. impedita Grandjean 1960 S04
    |    |--C. cassolai Bernini, Baratti & Avanzati 1991 S04
    |    `--C. kargi Grandjean 1963 S04
    `--Autogneta Hull 1916 S04
         |--*A. longilamellata (Michael 1885) [=Notaspis longilamellata] S04
         |    |--A. l. longilamellata S04
         |    `--A. l. intermedia (Mihelčič 1952) [=Oppia intermedia] S04
         |--A. amica Jacot 1938 [=A. longilamellata amica] S04
         |--A. flumengalei Jacot 1939 [=A. longilamellata flumengalei] S04
         |--A. inundata Winkler 1957 S04
         |--A. japonica Fujikawa 1972 S04
         |--A. kaisilai Karppinen 1967 S04
         |--A. masahitoi Aoki 1963 S04
         |--A. parva Forsslund 1947 [incl. A. rugosa Mihelčič 1956] S04
         |--A. penicillium Grandjean 1960 S04
         `--A. willmanni (Dyrdowska 1929) [=Dameosoma willmanni] S04
              |--A. w. willmanni S04
              `--A. w. herzegowinensis (Willmann 1941) [=Oppia willmanni herzegowinensis] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Balogh, J., & P. Balogh. 1992. The Oribatid Mites Genera of the World vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum: Budapest.

[NB-P09] Norton, R. A., & V. M. Behan-Pelletier. 2009. Suborder Oribatida. In: Krantz, G. W., & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 430–564. Texas Tech University Press.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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