Synemon directa, photographed by Jean and Fred Hort.

Belongs within: Apoditrysia.

The Sesioidea are a group of mostly diurnal moths with prominent ocelli.

Synapomorphies (from Edwards et al. 1998): Ocular diaphragm most strongly pigmented anteriorly; patagia large, extending ventrad beyond anteroventral corners of pronotum; posterior tendons of metafurcal apophyses elongated caudad or dorsocaudad.

    |--Castniidae [Castnioidea] GE05
    |    |--Telchin GE05
    |    `--Synemon AY04
    |         |--S. directa P27
    |         `--S. hesperoides P27
    `--Sesiidae GE05
         |--Melittia GE05
         |--Synanthedon scoliaeformis (Borkhausen 1789) JP05
         |--Paranthrene tabaniformis (Rottemburg 1775) JP05
         |--Pennisetia hylaeiformis (Laspeyres 1801) JP05
         |--Bembecia ichneumoniformis (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) JP05
         |--Synansphecia muscaeformis (Esper 1783) JP05
         `--Sesia E12
              |--S. ceriaeformis Lucas 1849 E12
              |--S. euglossaeformis Lucas 1849 E12
              `--S. sirphiformis Lucas 1849 E12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[E12] Evenhuis, N. L. 2012. Publication and dating of the Exploration Scientifique de l'Algérie: Histoire Naturelle des Animaux Articulés (1846–1849) by Pierre Hippolyte Lucas. Zootaxa 3448: 1–61.

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[P27] Philpott, A. 1927. The maxillae in the Lepidoptera. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 721-746.

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