Lilac borer Podosesia syringae, copyright Ken Childs.

Belongs within: Apoditrysia.

The Sesioidea are a group of mostly diurnal moths with prominent ocelli. The Sesiidae are often brightly coloured moths with narrowed, partially hyaline wings that bear an overall resemblance to wasps (Nielsen & Common 1991).

Synapomorphies (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Small to medium sized; head usually smooth; ocelli usually present; chaetosemata present or absent; proboscis naked or scaled at base; fore wing with M sometimes retained in cell, chorda sometimes present, CuP usually weak or absent; wing coupling sometimes specialised; abdomen without dorsal spines, S2 of tortricoid type. Larva usually with 3 L setae on prothorax. Pupa with abdominal segments 3–7 movable in male, 3–6 in female and segments 2–7 with one or two dorsal transverse rows of spines; cremaster absent, but often with posterior hooked setae; pupae protruded at ecdysis.

    |--Brachodidae [Atychidae] NC91
    |    |--Nigilgia adjectella NC91
    |    |--Miscera androgyna NC91
    |    |--Synechodes NC91
    |    `--Euthorybeta NC91
    `--Sesiidae [Sesiicae, Sesiinae] GE05
         |  i. s.: Melittia GE05
         |         Synansphecia muscaeformis (Esper 1783) JP05
         |         Zenodoxus C90
         |         Euhagena nebraskae C90
         |         Penstemonia C90
         |         Albuna oberthuri NC91
         |         Carmenta chrysophanes NC91
         |         Paranthrene JP05
         |           |--P. regale QI93
         |           `--P. tabaniformis (Rottemburg 1775) JP05
         |         Pennisetia NC91
         |           |--P. hylaeiformis (Laspeyres 1801) JP05
         |           `--P. igniflua NC91
         |         Synanthedon NC91
         |           |--S. chrysophanes C70
         |           |--S. scoliaeformis (Borkhausen 1789) JP05
         |           `--S. tipuliformis NC91
         |         Sesia E12
         |           |--S. apiformis L02
         |           |--S. ceriaeformis Lucas 1849 E12
         |           |--S. chrysophanes Meyrick 1886 M86
         |           |--S. culiciformis L02
         |           |--S. euglossaeformis Lucas 1849 E12
         |           |--S. isozona Meyrick 1886 M86
         |           |--S. sirphiformis Lucas 1849 E12
         |           `--S. tipuliformis [incl. Synanthedon salmachus] RD77
         |         Sanninoidea exitiosa RD77
         |         Ceritrypetes RD77
         |--Vitacea polistiformis KP19
         `--+--Bembecia ichneumoniformis (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) KP19, JP05
            `--Podosesia syringae KP19

*Type species of generic name indicated


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