Trumpet snail Gyliotrachela australis, photographed by Robertwhyteus.

Belongs within: Pupilloidea.

Gyliotrachela is a genus of minute land snails with the final whorl of the shell separating from the spire.

Characters (from Pilsbry 1916-1918, as Gyliauchen): Shell umbilicate, with conic spire of four to five whorls, the last whorl straightened, becoming free, produced or ascending. Peristome expanded. Angular and parietal lamellae independent and parallel. Plicae and lamellae minutely spinulose.

<==Gyliotrachela Tomlin 1930 [incl. Gyliauchen Pilsbry 1917 non Nicoll 1915, Gyliotrachea Pilsbry 1931] S88
    |--G. australis (Odhner 1917) S88
    |--G. bensoniana Blanford 1863 S88
    |--G. catherina Solem 1981 S88
    |--G. concreta van Benthem Jutting 1949 S88
    |--G. depressispira van benthem Jutting 1949 S88
    |--G. dohertyi Fulton 1899 S88
    |--G. everettei Smith 1896 S88
    |    |--G. e. everetti S88
    |    `--G. e. mixta Rensch 1932 S88
    |--G. fruhstorferi Moellendorff 1897 S88
    |--G. napierana Solem 1981 S88
    |--G. ningbingia Solem 1981 S88
    `--G. torticollis van Benthem Jutting 1962 S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


Pilsbry, H. A. 1916-1918. Manual of Conchology vol. 24. Pupillidae (Gastrocoptinae). Conchological Department, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

[S88] Solem, A. 1988. Non-camaenid land snails of the Kimberley and Northern Territory, Australia. I. Systematics, affinities and ranges. Invertebrate Taxonomy 4: 455-604.

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