Larva of goat moth Cossus cossus, photographed by Thomas Laupstad.

Belongs within: Apoditrysia.

The Cossoidea are a group of moths of which the larvae are mostly wood- or stem-borers.

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Small to very large, usually robust; ocelli usually absent; chaetosemata absent; proboscis short and naked or absent; maxillary palps minute; fore wing with chorda and M in cell; S2 of tortricoid type (S2 apodemes short, broad and not connected with sternal rods).

    |--Metarbelidae DS73
    `--Cossidae TW05
         |--Prionoxystus robiniae TW05
         |--Adelopsyche GE05
         |--Zeuzera GE05
         |    |--Z. coffeae P27b
         |    `--Z. pyrina (Linnaeus 1761) JP05
         |--Cossus DS73
         |    |--*C. cossus DS73
         |    `--C. terebra DS73
         `--Xyleutis P27a
              |--X. boisduvali Roths. 1896 P27a
              `--X. eucalypti P17a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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