Flame of the woods Ixora coccinea, from here.

Belongs within: Rubiaceae.

The Ixoroideae as recognised herein represent a clade supported by molecular analyses, but for which morphological synapomorphies have not yet been identified. A more restricted subclade, containing the genera Ixora and Gardenia, is characterised by contorted aestivation and a stylar pollen presentation (Bremer et al. 1999).

    |  i. s.: Virectaria [Virectarieae] BM00
    |           `--V. major BM00
    |         Mussaendopsis beccariana RB01
    |--+--Calycophyllum candidissimum RB01
    |  |--Alseis BJ99
    |  |--Emmenopterys henryi BJ99
    |  |--Pentagonia macrophylla BJ99
    |  |--Rustia splendens BJ99
    |  |--Simira viridiflora BJ99
    |  |--Capirona decorticans BJ99
    |  |--Condamineeae BJ99
    |  |    |--Condaminea corymbosa BJ99
    |  |    |--Pinckneya pubens B96, BJ99
    |  |    `--Pogonopus speciosus B96, BJ99
    |  `--+--Warszewiczia cordata BJ99
    |     `--Chimarrhis BJ99
    |          |--C. cymosa SWK87
    |          `--C. hookeri BJ99
    `--+--+--Pseudomussaenda flava BJ99
       |  `--Isertieae BJ99
       |       |--Isertia BJ99
       |       |    |--I. laevis BJ99
       |       |    `--I. pittieri BJ99
       |       `--Mussaenda BJ99
       |            |--M. arcuata BJ99
       |            |--M. erythrophylla BJ99
       |            |--M. flava P88
       |            |--M. frondosa P88
       |            |    |--M. f. var. frondosa P88
       |            |    `--M. f. var. glabra P88
       |            |--M. mutabilis P88
       |            `--M. philippica P88
       `--+--+--Crossopteryx febrifuga RB01
          |  |--Alberta magna BJ99
          |  |--Enterospermum coriaceum B96
          |  `--+--Coffea [Coffeeae] B96
          |     |    |--C. arabica BJ99
          |     |    |--C. canephora P88
          |     |    `--C. liberica P88
          |     `--Gardenieae B96
          |          |--Mitriostigma axillare B96, BJ99
          |          `--Gardenia RB01
          |               |--G. augusta MM96
          |               |--G. gummifera P03
          |               |--G. jasminoides [incl. G. florida] P88
          |               |--G. latifolia P03
          |               |--G. taitensis BM00
          |               |--G. thunbergia RB01
          |               `--G. turgida KJ05
          `--+--Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea BJ99
             `--+--Vangueria [Vanguerieae] RB01
                |    `--V. madagascariensis RB01
                `--Pavetteae B96
                     |--Paracephaelis RB01
                     |--Pavetta BJ99
                     |    |--P. abyssinica BJ99
                     |    |--P. indica P03
                     |    `--P. lanceolata BJ99
                     `--Ixora BJ99
                          |--I. arborea P03
                          |--I. biflora BJ99
                          |--I. capillaries K03
                          |--I. coccinea BJ99
                          |--I. grandifolia CMT07
                          |--I. hookeri BJ99
                          |--I. javanica P88
                          `--I. lobbii P88
                               |--I. l. var. lobbii P88
                               `--I. l. var. stenophylla P88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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