Helicina concentrica, from here.

Belongs within: Neritimorpha.

Helicinoidea is a clade recognised by molecular analysis containing the terrestrial Helicinidae and the Neritiliidae, found in fresh water and marine caves. No definite morphological synapomorphies have been identified, though both families have the vaginal and ootype openings widely separated, and the vaginal opening situated deep inside the pallial cavity (Kano et al. 2002).

<==Helicinoidea [Helicinacea] BR05
    |--Dawsonella Bradley 1874 [Dawsonellidae, Dawsonellinae] BR05
    |--Deianira Stoliczka 1860 [=Dejanira (l. c.); Deianiridae, Dejaniridae] BR05
    |--Proserpinellidae BR05
    |    |--Proserpinella Bland 1865 BR05
    |    `--Ceres Gray 1856 [Cererinae, Ceresidae, Ceresinae] BR05
    |--Proserpinidae [Proserpininae] BR05
    |    |--Despoena Newton 1891 [Despoenidae] BR05
    |    `--Proserpina Sowerby 1839 BR05
    |--Neritiliidae [Neritiliinae] BR05
    |    |--Pisulinella Kano & Kase 2000 B01
    |    |    `--*P. miocenica B01
    |    |--Pisulina Nevill & Nevill 1869 B01
    |    |    |--*P. adamsiana Nevill & Nevill 1869 B01
    |    |    |--P. biplicata Thiele 1925 B01
    |    |    |--P. maxima Kano & Kase 2000 B01
    |    |    `--P. subpacifica B01
    |    `--Neritilia Martens 1879 BR05
    |         |--*N. rubida (Pease 1865) [=Neritina rubida; incl. Neritilia hawaiiensis Kay 1979] B01
    |         |--N. consimilis (Martens 1879) B01
    |         |--N. monoeli Dohrn 1866 B01
    |         |--N. panamensis B01
    |         `--N. succinea (Récluz 1841) B01
    `--Helicinidae BR05
         |  i. s.: Pleuropoma Moellendorff 1893 [incl. Aphanoconia Wagner 1905, Sphaeroconia Wagner 1905] S88
         |           |--P. draytonensis SC07
         |           |--P. jana SC07
         |           |--P. louisiadensis (Forbes 1851) S88
         |           |--P. macleayi (Brazier 1876) S88
         |           |--P. solomonensis (Smith 1885) S88
         |           `--P. walkeri (Smith 1894) KKW12 (see below for synonymy)
         |         Ceratopoma Moellendorff 1893 S88
         |         Geophorus AA88
         |           |--G. bothropoma Moellendorff 1895 AA88
         |           `--G. trochiformis (Sowerby 1842) AA88
         |         Alcadia BC01
         |           |--A. delmonteana Pilsbry 1932 BC01
         |           `--A. dysonia GO06
         |         Lucidella (Poeniella) peasei Pilsbry 1933 BC01
         |         Palaeohelicina (Palaeohelicina) mayri Clench 1958 BC01
         |--Ceratodiscus Simpson & Henderson 1901 [Ceratodiscinae] BR05
         |--Dimorphoptychia Sandberger 1871 [Dimorphoptychiinae] BR05
         |--Hendersonia Wagner 1905 [Hendersoniinae] BR05
         |--Viana Adams & Adams 1856 [Vianinae] BR05
         |--Stoastoma Adams 1849 [Stoastomatidae, Stoastomatinae, Stoastomidae] BR05
         |    `--*S. pisum Adams 1849 BC01
         `--Helicininae BR05
              |--Bourciera Pfeiffer 1852 [Bourcierinae] BR05
              |--Olygyra Say 1818 [=Oligyra; Oligyradae, Olygyridae] BR05
              |    `--O. sprucei [=Helicina (Oligyra) sprucei] A66
              `--Helicina Lamarck 1799 [Helicinides] BR05
                   |--H. chionea Pilsbry 199 BC01
                   |--H. (Pachystoma) concentrica A66
                   |--H. hollandi Adams 1849 BC01
                   |--H. laciniosa Mighels 1845 [=Pleuropoma laciniosa; incl. Orobophana berniceia] J49
                   `--H. rotelloidea Mighels 1845 [incl. Pleuropoma hawaiiensis] J49

Pleuropoma walkeri (Smith 1894) KKW12 [=Helicina walkeri KKW12, Orobophana walkeri S88, Aphanoconia (Sphaeroconia) baudinensis Wagner 1909 KKW12]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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