Pupinella (Pupinopsis) swinhoei, from here.

Belongs within: Caenogastropoda.
Contains: Farcimen, Cyclophorinae.

The Cyclophoroidea is a group of operculate snails found terrestrially or in fresh water.

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960, as Cyclophoracea): Prevailing conispiral but varying in shape; pedal ganglia ladder-like; pallial cavity commonly transformed into a lung, without ctenidium; operculum corneous, typically multispiral.

<==Cyclophoroidea [Cyclophoracea]
    |--Maizaniidae BR05
    |    |--Maizania Bourguignat 1889 BR05
    |    `--Maizaniella (Spiruloziana) lilliputiana (Morelet 1873) FGN07
    |--Aciculidae [Aciculadae, Aciculoidea] BR05
    |    |--Acicula Hartmann 1821 BR05
    |    `--Acme Hartmann 1821 [Acmeidae, Acmidae, Acmeinae] BR05
    |--Ferussinidae [Ferussinae, Ferussininae, Strophostomatidae, Strophostomatinae] BR05
    |    |--Ferussina Grateloup 1827 BR05
    |    `--Strophostoma Deshayes 1828 BR05
    |--Craspedopomatidae [Craspedopomatoidea] BR05
    |    |--Bolania Wenz 1914 [Bolaniidae] BR05
    |    `--Craspedopoma Pfeiffer 1847 [Craspedopomatinae] BR05
    |         `--C. mucronatum CC06
    |--Megalomastomatidae BR05
    |    |--Neopupina Kobelt 1902 [Neopupinae, Neopupininae] BR05
    |    |--Hainesia Pfeiffer 1856 [Hainesiidae, Hainesiinae] BR05
    |    |--Farcimen BC01
    |    `--Megalomastoma Swainson 1840 [Megalomastomateae, Megalomastomatinae, Megalomastominae] BR05
    |         `--M. myersii (Haines 1855) [=Cyclostoma (Megalomastoma) myersii] BC01
    |--Cyclophoridae [Geophila, Holopelmata] BR05
    |    |  i. s.: Hybocystis gravida (Benson 1856) (see below for synonymy) TC89
    |    |         ‘Calliostoma’ pollex Gould 1836 TC89
    |    |         Rhaphaulus chrysalis (Pfeiffer 1852) (see below for synonymy) TC89
    |    |         Leptopoma Pfeiffer 1847 S88
    |    |           `--L. minus von Martens 1867 (see below for synonymy) S88
    |    |--Spirostoma Heude 1885 [Spirostomatidae, Spirostomatinae] BR05
    |    |--Cyclophorinae BR05
    |    `--Alycaeus Baird 1850 [Alycaeidae, Alycaeinae] BR05
    |         `--A. (Dioryx) swinhoei Adams 1866 A66a
    |--Diplommatinidae [Diplommatinacea] BR05
    |    |--Cochlostoma Jan 1830 [Cochlostomatinae] BR05
    |    |--Clostophis B66
    |    |--Opisthostoma Blanford 1860 B66
    |    |    |--*O. nilgiricum Blanford 1860 B66
    |    |    |--O. decrespignii A66c
    |    |    |--O. fairbanki Blanford 1866 B66
    |    |    `--O. retrovertens Tomlin 1938 AA88
    |    `--Diplommatina Benson 1849 [Diplommatininae] BR05
    |         |  i. s.: D. folliculus B66
    |         |         D. kingiana [=Arinia kingiana] B66
    |         |         D. nilgirica [=Arinia nilgirica] B66
    |         |         D. pachycheilus B66
    |         `--D. (Diancta) martensi Adams 1866 A66c
    |--Pupinidae BR05
    |    |--Liareinae [Liareidae] BR05
    |    |    |--Liarea Pfeiffer 1853 BR05
    |    |    `--Cytora Kobelt & Möllendorff 1897 [Cytoridae] BR05
    |    |--Pupininae BR05
    |    |    |--*Arinia minor [=Cyclostoma minus] B6
    |    |    `--Pupina Vignard 1829 [Operculaceae, Pupiniana, Pupinini] BR05
    |    |         |--P. artata B66
    |    |         `--P. pineticola Cox 1866 C66
    |    `--Pupinellinae [Pupinellidae] BR05
    |         |--Ventriculus Wenz 1914 [Ventriculidae] BR05
    |         |--Pollicaria Gould 1856 [Pollicarieae, Pollicariini] BR05
    |         `--Pupinella Gray in Baird 1850 [Pupinelleae, Pupinellini] BR05
    |              `--P. (Pupinopsis Adams 1866) A66a
    |                   |--P. (P.) humilis A66a
    |                   |--P. (P.) mindorensis A66a
    |                   `--P. (P.) swinhoei Adams 1866 A66a
    `--Neocyclotidae [Neocyclotoidea] BR05
         |--Amphicyclotinae [Amphicyclotidae] BR05
         |    |--Amphicyclotus Crosse & Fischer 1879 [Amphicycloteae] BR05
         |    `--Aperostoma Troschel 1847 [Aperostomatidae, Aperostomatinae] BR05
         |         |--A. blanchetianum A66b
         |         |--A. connivens Adams 1866 A66b
         |         |--A. palmeri GO06
         |         `--A. perdistinctum A66b
         `--Neocyclotinae [Poteriidae] BR05
              |--Neocyclotus Fischer & Crosse 1886 [Neocycloteae] BR05
              |--Poteria Gray 1850 [Poterieae, Poteriinae] BR05
              |--Dicrista Thompson 1969 [Dicristidae] BR05
              |--Amphicyclotulus (Amphicyclotulus) BC01
              |    |--A. (A.) dominicensis Bartsch 1942 BC01
              |    `--A. (A.) mineri Bartsch 1942 BC01
              `--Crocidopoma Shuttleworth 1856 [Crocidopomatinae] BR05
                   |--C. (Crocidopoma) AJ59
                   |    |--C. (C.) abbotti AJ59
                   |    `--C. (C.) zayasi Alcalde & Jacobson 1959 AJ59
                   `--C. (Cyclocubana Bartsch 1942) AJ59

Hybocystis gravida (Benson 1856) [=Megalostoma gravidum, Pollicaria gravida; incl. Otopoma blennus] TC89
Leptopoma minus von Martens 1867 [=L. vitreum minus, L. pellucidum minor (l. c.), L. perlucidum minus; incl. L. bicolor Tapparone-Canefri 1883 non Pfeiffer 1852] S88
Rhaphaulus chrysalis (Pfeiffer 1852) [=Cyclostoma chrysalis, Anaulus chrysalis, Megalostoma chrysalis, Pollicaria chrysalis, Raphaulus chrysalis] TC89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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