Right forewing of Wegenerithrips admirabilis, from Johansen et al. (2005).

Belongs within: Thripidae.

Wegenerithrips is a New World genus of thrips with sabre-shaped forewings, the upper vein of which bears sparse and interrupted setae.

Characters (from Johansen et al. 2005): Very small thrips known only from females (0.738–1.16 mm in length). Body predominantly clear yellow, or bicolored: yellow with brownish abdomen, or head and thorax brown with yellow abdomen. Subhypodermal pigment yellow to orange. Antennal segments I–II yello, III–VIII dark brown. Fore wings dark greyish-brown; hind wings whitish with a dark brown median longitudinal vitta. Ocellar crescents orange to red. Body setae dark brown. Head in dorsal view broader than long, slightly produced in front (including bases of antennae) or only between bases of antennae; cheeks slightly convex to almost straight and subparallel; occiput sculptured with transverse and confluent striae. Chaetotaxy of head with anteocellars (pair I) commonly present (rarely absent); lateral setae (pair II) present; interocellars (pair III) commonly very long, between hind ocelli, sometimes posterior displaced to near basal margin of ocellar triangle; postoculars i–ii present. Compound eyes ellipsoidal, protruding, regularly faceted and pilose; ocellar triangle at centre between both eyes, anterior ocellus inclined or directed forwards. Antennae 8-segmented; II with two setae surrounding dorsoapical chordotonal sensilla; segment III with subbasal hyaline and membranose ring, pedicel cylindric to slightly fungiform, segments III–VI globose and pedicellate, each with annulae and microtrichia; segments III–IV each with a bifurcate trichome (dorsal and ventral respectively). Mouth-cone commonly long (nearly to completely reaching posterior margin of prosternum), narrow to broadly round, longer or shorter than head's dorsal length. Maxillary palps three-segmented; labial palpi two-segmented. Pronotum broader than long, smooth or with some faint transverse striae in anterior margin that become stronger in posterior margin. Chaetotaxy of pronotum with two major anteroangulars commonly short, two major anteromarginals commonly long but sometimes reduced; four minor posteromarginals; two posteroangulars, the inner one very long, the outer reduced; basantra membranous, ferna entire but constricted at middle. Mesonotum transverse, oblong, pentagonal to hexagonal, with transverse parallel to confluent striae; with two pairs of posteromarginal setae, and one lateral on each side. Metanotum scutum transverse, smooth at centre, concentrically striated, or with polygonal reticulation; pair of median setae on anterior margin or posterior displaced. Pterosternum: mesosternal furca with spinula, absent in metasternal furca. Legs slender and moderately long; all tarsi two-segmented. Fore wings sabre-like, commonly with apex curved forwards, upper vein with sparse and interrupted chaetotaxy, second vein with regularly placed setae; posterior fringe cilia wavy. Abdomen with suture separating laterotergites and pleurites. Tergite I with two setae at middle (also present on tergites II–VIII). Tergite VIII with ctenidium anterolateral to spiracle; with craspedum (sometimes not apparent) in posterior margin. Tergite X with short to long longitudinal suture. Sternites II–VII each with accessory transverse setae row plus posteromarginals.

<==Wegenerithrips Johansen 1983 JR-SM-G05
    |  i. s.: W. trinidadensis (Hood 1956) JR-SM-G05
    |         W. virginianus (Johansen & Mojica 1986) [=Plesiopsothrips virginianus] JR-SM-G05
    |--W. exiguamirabilis Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
    `--+--*W. admirabilis Johansen 1983 JR-SM-G05
       `--+--W. teoceloensis Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
          `--+--+--W. longistilus Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
             |  `--+--W. centraliamericanus Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
             |     `--W. grandemirabilis Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
             `--+--W. godmansalvinorum Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
                `--+--W. bicolor Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05
                   `--W. minor Johansen, Retana-Salazar & Mojica-Guzmán 2005 JR-SM-G05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[JR-SM-G05] Johansen, R. M., A. P. Retana-Salazar & A. Mojica-Guzmán. 2005. A review of the New World bryophyte-feeding genus Wegenerithrips Johansen 1983 (Insecta, Thysanoptera, Thripidae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 85 (1): 61-83.

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