Gastrocopta (Gastrocopta) procera, from here.

Belongs within: Pupilloidea.

Gastrocopta is a cosmopolitan genus of small snails with the shell aperture partially closed by lamellae.

Characters (from Pilsbry 1948): Shell is rimate or perforate, cylindric or ovate-conic, having the angular and parietal lamellae more or less completely united into one biramose, bifid, lobed or sinuous lamella (or rarely angular lamella wanting). Columellar lamella present; palatal folds usually present; lip well expanded. Genitalia characterized by absence of appendage of penis, which has retractor inserted near end; epiphallus well developed, vagina very short; spermathecal duct rather long. Central teeth of radula tricuspid, much narrower than laterals which are bicuspid ; marginals with prominent mesocone and several ectocones. Locomotion rhythmic.

<==Gastrocopta Wollaston 1878 NC01 (see below for synonymy)
    |--G. (Gastrocopta) NC01
    |    |--G. (G.) procera (Gould 1840) NC01
    |    |    |--G. p. procera NC01
    |    |    |--G. p. mcclungi (Hanna & Johnston 1913) NC01
    |    |    |--G. p. riparia (Pilsbry 1912) NC01
    |    |    `--G. p. sterkiana (Pilsbry 1912) NC01
    |    `--G. (G.) rogersensis Nekola & Coles 2001 NC01
    `--G. (Immersidens) NC01
         |--G. bilamellata (Sterki & Clapp 1909) NC01
         `--G. dalliana (Sterki 1898) NC01

Gastrocopta incertae sedis:
  G. armifera G59
  G. bifurcata (Solem 1988) SC07, S88 [=Pumilicopta bifurcata S88]
  G. contracta G59
  G. deserti Pilsbry 1916-1918 [=G. larapinta deserti; incl. Australbinula helmsiana Iredale 1939] S88
  ‘Pumilicopta’ kamberae (Rensch 1932) S88
  G. kessneri (Solem 1988) KKW12 [=*Pumilicopta kessneri S88]
  G. klunzingeri V07
    |--G. k. klunzingeri V07
    `--G. k. senegalensis (Maltzan 1890) V07
  G. larapinta (Tate 1896) [=Pupa larapinta, Australbinula larapinta] S88
  G. lyonsiana (Ancey 1892) V07 [=Pupa lyonsiana S88]
  G. macdonnelli (Brazier 1875) KKW12 (see below for synonymy)
  G. moellendorffiana Pilsbry 1917 S88
  G. mussoni Pilsbry 1917 [=Australbinula mussoni] S88
  ‘Pumilicopta’ orientalis (Rensch 1935) S88
  G. pediculus (Shuttleworth 1852) (see below for synonymy) S88
  G. pellucida (Pfeiffer 1841) V07
  G. pontifex Rensch 1937 S88
  G. recondita (Tapparone-Canefri 1883) (see below for synonymy) S88
  G. seignaciana (Crosse & Fischer 1879) V07
  G. semiclausa Thiele 1928 S88
  G. servilis (Gould 1843) (see below for synonymy) S88
    |--G. s. servilis V07
    `--G. s. riisei (Pfeiffer 1852) V07
  G. strangei (Pfeiffer 1853) [=*Gyrodaria strangei] S88
  G. stupefaciens Pokryszko 1996 KKW12
  G. tatei Pilsbry 1917 [=Australbinula tatei; incl. Pupa mooreana Tate 1896 non Smith 1894] S88
  G. wallabyensis (Smith 1894) S88

Gastrocopta Wollaston 1878 NC01 [incl. Australbinula Pilsbry 1916 S88, Gyrodaria Iredale 1940 S88, Pumilicopta Solem 1988 S88, Sinalbinula Pilsbry 1916 S88]

Gastrocopta macdonnelli (Brazier 1875) KKW12 [=Pupa (Vertigo) macdonnelli KKW12, Australbinula macdonnelli KKW12, Vertigo macdonelli (l. c.) S88; incl. Pupa (Vertigo) macleayi Brazier 1876 KKW12, Bifidaria macleayi KKW12, Gastrocopta macdonnelli macrodon Pilsbry 1917 KKW12, Pupa pedicula Hedley 1891 non P. pediculus Shuttleworth 1852 S88]

Gastrocopta pediculus (Shuttleworth 1852) KKW12 [=Pupa pediculus KKW12, G. (Sinalbinula) pediculus S88; incl. P. artensis Montrouzier 1859 KKW12, P. moretonensis Cox 1868 KKW12, Gastrocopta pediculus ovatula Moellendorff 1890 KKW12, G. pediculus queenslandica Pilsbry 1917 KKW12, Pupa (Vertigo) rossiteri Brazier 1875 KKW12, G. rossiteri S88, G. simplex Solem 1988 KKW12]

Gastrocopta recondita (Tapparone-Canefri 1883) [=Pupa recondita, Leucochilus reconditus; incl. P. (Leucochilus) niobe Fulton 1899, Gastrocopta niobe] S88

Gastrocopta servilis (Gould 1843) [=Pupa servilis; incl. P. microsoma Tapparone-Canefri 1883, Gastrocopta microsoma] S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[NC01] Nekola, J. C., & B. F. Coles. 2001. Systematics and ecology of Gastrocopta (Gastrocopta) rogersensis (Gastropoda: Pupillidae), a new species of land snail from the Midwest of the United States of America. Nautilus 115 (3): 105-114.

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