Specimen of Nesopupa, photographed by John Slapcinsky.

Belongs within: Pupilloidea.

The Nesopupinae are a group of cylindric small snails in which the penis bears an appendix and the retractor muscle is forked (Pilsbry 1948).

<==Nesopupinae [Nesopupidae] BR05
    |--Somniopupa scotti (Brazier 1875) S88
    |--Cylindrovertilla Boettger 1881 [Cylindrovertillidae] BR05
    |    `--C. kingi SC07
    `--Nesopupa Pilsbry 1900 BR05 [incl. Westralcopta Iredale 1939 S88]
         |--N. barrackporensis (Gude 1914) S88
         |--N. dentifera (Pease 1871) S88
         |--N. ganzae Adam 1954 S88
         |--N. insularis (Darteville 1952) S88
         |--N. madgei Peile 1936 S88
         |--N. moluccana (Boettger 1891) S88
         |--N. mooreana (Smith 1894) (see below for synonymy) S88
         |--N. moreleti (Brown 1870) S88
         |--N. novopommerana Rensch 1932 [incl. N. tenimberica Haas 1937, N. (Insulipupa) tenimberica] S88
         |--N. peilei Madge 1938 S88
         |--N. quadrasi (Moellendorff 1894) S88
         |--N. rodriguezensis Connolly 1925 S88
         |--N. selebensis (Tapparone-Canefri 1884) S88
         `--N. tantilla (Gould 1847) S88

Nesopupa mooreana (Smith 1894) [=Pupa mooreana, Australbinula (*Westralcopta) mooreana, Bifidaria mooreana, Gastrocopta mooreana] S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BR05] Bouchet, P., J.-P. Rocroi, J. Frýda, B. Hausdorf, W. Ponder, Á. Valdés & A. Warén. 2005. Classification and nomenclator of gastropod families. Malacologia 47 (1-2): 1-397.

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[S88] Solem, A. 1988. Non-camaenid land snails of the Kimberley and Northern Territory, Australia. I. Systematics, affinities and ranges. Invertebrate Taxonomy 4: 455-604.

[SC07] Stanisic, J., R. A. D. Cameron, B. M. Pokryszko & J. C. Nekola. 2007. Forest snail faunas from S. E. Queensland and N. E. New South Wales (Australia): patterns of local and regional richness and differentiation. Malacologia 49 (2): 445-462.

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