Female of Oithona similis carrying eggs, from here.

Belongs within: Copepoda.
Contains: Polyarthra, Oligoarthra, Poecilostomatoida, Siphonostomatoida, Hemicyclopinidae, Cyclopidae, Cyclopinidae, Chordeumiidae.

The Podoplea is a major clade containing all the copepods except the Platycopioida and Calanoida. It is characterised by the placement of a mobile joint between the fifth and segments of the trunk, rather than between the sixth and seventh segments as in the other groups (Ax 2000).

<==Podoplea [Notodelphyoida] MD01
    |--Misophrioida HD03
    |    |  i. s.: Arcticomisophria bathylaptevensis Martínez Arbisu & Seifried 1996 S03
    |    |         Misophriella schminkei Martínez Arbizu & Jaume 1999 S03
    |    |         Misophriopsis australis Martínez Arbizu & Jaume 1999 S03
    |    |         Expansophria FBI01
    |    |           |--E. apoda FBI01
    |    |           `--E. galapagensis FBI01
    |    |--Misophriidae FBI01
    |    |--Palpophriidae FBI01
    |    `--Speleophria EHH05 [Speleophriidae FBI01]
    `--+--Mormonillidae MD01 [Mormonilloida HD03]
       |--Harpacticoida HD03
       |    |  i. s.: Microstella norvegica K-M02
       |    |         Paramphiascopsis S03
       |    |         Paramorariopsis anae Brancelj 1991 B01
       |    |         Pseudomoraria triglavensis (Brancelj 1994) B01
       |    |         Ambunguipedidae MD01
       |    |         Hamondiidae MD01
       |    |--Polyarthra S03
       |    `--Oligoarthra S03
       |--+--Poecilostomatoida HD03
       |  `--+--Thaumatopsyllidae [Thaumatopsylloida, Thespesiopsyllidae] HD03
       |     |    |--Orientopsyllus investigatoris Sewell 1949 HD03
       |     |    |--Australopsyllus fallax McKinnon 1994 HD03
       |     |    |--Thaumatopsyllus Sars 1913 [=Thespesiopsyllus Wilson 1924 (nom. van.)] HD03
       |     |    |    `--T. paradoxus Sars 1913 [=Thespesiopsyllus paradoxus] HD03
       |     |    `--Caribeopsyllus HD03
       |     |         |--C. amphipodiae Ho, Dojiri et al. 2003 HD03
       |     |         `--C. chawayi Suárez-Morales & Castellanos 1998 HD03
       |     `--+--Siphonostomatoida HD03
       |        `--Monstrilla Dana 1848 N44 [Monstrillidae, Monstrilloida HD03]
       |             |--M. canadensis McMurrich 1917 N44
       |             |--M. conjunctiva Giesbrecht 1902 N44
       |             |--M. intermedia Aurivillius 1898 N44
       |             |--M. longispinosa Bourne 1890 N44
       |             |--M. mixta Scott 1914 N44
       |             |--M. ostroumowi Karaviev 1895 N44
       |             |--M. serricornis B26
       |             `--M. wandelii Stephensen 1913 N44
       `--+--Gelyella Rouch & Lescher-Moutoué 1977 R86 [Gelyellidae, Gelyelloida HD03]
          |    `--G. droguei Rouch & Lescher-Moutoué 1977 R86
          `--Cyclopoida [Gnathostoma] HD03
               |  i. s.: Ginesia Jaume & Boxshall 1997 MA01b
               |           `--G. longicaudata Jaume & Boxshall 1997 MA01b
               |         Smirnovipina Martínez Arbizu 1997 MA01b
               |           `--S. barentsiana (Smirnov 1935) MA01b
               |         Troglocyclops Rocha & Iliffe 1994 MA01b
               |--Hemicyclopinidae MA01b
               |--Cyclopidae S-MR03
               |--Cyclopinidae H86
               |--Chordeumiidae BO01
               |--Mantra Leigh-Sharpe 1934 MA01a [Mantridae MD01]
               |--Buproridae MD01
               |--Schizoproctidae [Botrylophyllidae] MD01
               |--Archinotodelphys Lang 1949 MA01a [Archinotodelphyidae MD01]
               |--Fratiidae MD01
               |--Lernaeidae MD01
               |--Ozmanidae MD01
               |--Speleoithonidae MD01
               |--Cucumaricola B88 [Cucumaricolidae BO01]
               |    `--C. notabilis Paterson 1958 B88
               |--Enterognathus BK77 [Ascidicolidae BO01, Enterognathinae]
               |    `--E. comatulae BK77
               |--Notodelphyidae H01
               |    |--Pachypygus gibber H01, R96
               |    `--Doropygus BK77 [Doropygidae MD01]
               |         `--D. pulex BK77
               |--Oithona Baird 1843 [incl. Oithonina Sars 1913; Oithonidae] N44
               |    |--O. atlantica B26
               |    |--O. attenuata Farran 1913 N44
               |    |--O. nana Giesbrecht 1892 [=*Oithonina nana] N44
               |    |--O. plumifera B26
               |    `--O. similis K-MC02
               |--Psammocyclopinidae MA01a
               |    |--Psammocyclopina Wells 1967 MA01a
               |    |    |--*P. hindleyi Wells 1967 MA01a
               |    |    `--P. georgei Martínez Arbizu 2001 MA01a
               |    `--Metacyclopina Lindberg 1953 MA01a
               |         |--‘Cyclopina’ agilis Wilson 1932 MA01a
               |         |--M. brevisetosa Herbst 1975 MA01a
               |         |--M. harpacticoidea (Klie 1949) MA01a
               |         |--M. improvisa Herbst & Zo 1981 MA01a
               |         `--M. roscoffensis Bozic 1953 MA01a
               `--Abrsidae KT09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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