Dorsal view of Paramolgus politus, from here.

Belongs within: Poecilostomatoida.

The Lichomolgidae are a family of marine parasitic copepods that have been found on a wide variety of hosts, including molluscs, polychaetes and cnidarians. Most species are relatively cyclopiform, though many have somewhat modified females (Humes & Stock 1973).

Characters (from Humes & Stock 1973): Legs 1-4 usually with all rami 3-segmented except the endopod of leg 4 which is 1- or 2-segmented. Reduction occurs in a posterior to anterior series. Leg 5 present in both sexes, with a free segment (occasionally not clearly delimited from the body).

    |--Stellicola clausi (Rosoll 1888) (see below for synonymy) BK77
    |--Aspidomolgus BH88
    |--Haplomolgus BH88
    |--Lichomolgella BH88
    |--Octopicola [Octopicolidae] BH88
    |--Paramacrochiron BH88
    |--Pseudomacochiron BH88
    |--Sewellochiron BH88
    |--Telestacicola BH88
    |--Macrochiron [Macrochironidae] BH88
    |--Boholia cerianthiphila (n. d.) BH88
    |--Astericola asterinae (Bocquet 1952) K03
    |--Modiolicola insignis Aurivillius 1882 K03
    |--Zygomolgus poucheti (Canu 1891) K03
    |--Phoronicola Boxshall & Humes 1988 BH88
    |    `--*P. spinulatus Boxshall & Humes 1988 BH88
    |--Herrmannella Canu 1891 N94
    |    |--H. cynthiae Brian 1924 N84
    |    `--H. rostrata Canu 1891 K03
    |--Odontomolgus H94
    |    |--O. actinophorus (Humes & Frost 1964) [=Lichomolgus actinophorus] H94
    |    `--O. rhadinus [=Lichomolgus rhadinus] H94
    |--Lichomolgus K03
    |    |--L. canui Sars 1917 K03
    |    |--L. forficula Thorell 1860 K03
    |    `--L. maximus BK77
    |--Kelleria Gurney 1927 BH88, N44 [Kelleriidae]
    |    `--‘Pseudanthessius’ fucicolus Scott 1912 N44
    `--Paramolgus Humes & Stock 1972 H94
         |--P. abruptus Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. accinctus Humes 1980 H94
         |--P. alcyoniicus Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. ampullaceus Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. angustus Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. antillianus Stock 1975 H94
         |--P. centor Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. clavatus Humes & Ho 1968 H94
         |--P. congruus Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. constrictus Humes 1969 H94
         |--P. dapsilis Humes 1993 H94
         |--P. delicatulus Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. ellisellae Humes 1974 H94
         |--P. eniwetokensis Humes 1973 H94
         |--P. eparmatoides Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. extendens Humes & Dojiri 1979 H94
         |--P. gibberulus Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. inconstans Humes & Dojiri 1979 H94
         |--P. insectus Humes 1969 H94
         |--P. litophyticus Humes & Dojiri 1979 H94
         |--P. modicus Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. nephtheanus Humes 1980 H94
         |--P. ostentus Humes 1973 H94
         |--P. pavonae Humes 1994 H94
         |--P. politus Humes & Ho 1967 H94
         |--P. pollicaris Humes & Dojiri 1979 H94
         |--P. prominulus Humes 1980 H94
         |--P. quadrangulus Humes 1990 H94
         |--P. resectus Humes & Dojiri 1979 H94
         |--P. setellus Humes 1992 H94
         |--P. simulans Humes & Ho 1967 H94
         |--P. spathophorus Humes & Ho 1968 H94
         |--P. subincisus Humes 1990 H94
         `--P. timendus Humes 1990 H94

Stellicola clausi (Rosoll 1888) [=Astericola clausii; incl. Lichomolgus asterinae Bocquet 1952, Stellicola asterinae] BK77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[H94] Humes, A. G. 1994. Two species of Paramolgus (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida: Lichomolgidae) associated with the scleractinian Pavona in New Caledonia with a key to the females of Paramolgus. Beaufortia 44 (1): 1-9.

Humes, A. G., & J. H. Stock. 1973. A revision of the family Lichomolgidae Kossmann, 1877, cyclopoid copepods mainly associated with marine invertebrates. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 127.

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[N44] Nicholls, A. G. 1944. Littoral Copepoda from South Australia. (II) Calanoida, Cyclopoida, Notodelphyoida, Monstrilloida and Caligoida. Records of the South Australian Museum 8 (1): 1-62.

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