Hairy crab Pilumnus hirtellus, photographed by Hakon.

Belongs within: Heterotremata.

The Pilumnidae are a family of benthic crabs commonly known as hairy crabs, due to many species bearing a covering of long setae. One less hairy subgroup, the Eumedoninae, lives as symbionts of echinoderms such as sea urchins.

Characters (from Davie 2002): Carapace hexagonal, transversely rectangular or transversely ovate; dorsal surface convex, smooth or granular; frontal margin entire, bilobate or multilobate; anterolateral margins typically with 1-4 teeth, lobes or spines. Endostome with crests defining efferent branchial channels more or less well developed and continued to anterior border of buccal cavity. Claws subequal or markedly unequal, similar or dissimilar in form. Legs stout, short to moderately long. Abdomen of male with seven movable segments; elongate and narrow, covering most of sternite 4; abdomino-sternal locking mechanism present; genital openings coxal or coxo-sternal. Male first gonopod slender, sinuous, tip typically simple, recurved; second gonopod very short and sigmoid.

    |--Galene de Haan 1833 [Galeninae] CA04
    |--Halimede [Halimedidae, Halimedinae] MD01
    |--Eumedoninae [Eumedonidae] TSH09
    |    |--Echinoecus pentagonus (Milne Edwards 1879) TSH09
    |    |--Harrovia TSH09
    |    |--Tiaramedon spinosum (Miers 1879) TSH09
    |    `--Eumedonus niger Milne Edwards 1834 MG-H11
    `--Pilumninae CA04
         |--Heteropilumnus longipes (Stimpson 1858) TSH09
         |--Viaderiana quadrispinosa (Zehntner 1894) TSH09
         |--Glabropilumnus Balss 1932 B64
         |    |--*G. dispar (Dana 1852) (see below for synonymy) B64
         |    |--G. edamensis [=Pilumnus edamensis] B64
         |    |--G. laevis [=Pilumnus laevis] B64
         |    `--G. seminudus [=Pilumnus seminudus] B64
         `--Pilumnus Leach 1815 CA04
              |--P. hirsutus Stimpson 1858 KK03
              |--P. hirtellus (Linnaeus 1761) KK03
              |--P. kingstoni (Rathbun 1923) MG-H11
              |--P. lumpinus Bennett 1964 [=P. confusa ms] B64
              |--P. minutus (De Haan 1835) TSH09
              |--P. novaezelandiae Filhol 1886 (see below for synonymy) B64
              |--P. spinicarpus Grant & McCulloch 1906 MG-H11
              |--P. spinifer Milne-Edwards 1834 KK03
              |--P. tomentosus B64
              |--P. vermiculatus Milne Edwards 1873 TSH09
              `--P. vespertilio (Fabricius 1793) TSH09

Pilumnidae incertae sedis:
  Actumnus Dana 1851 CA04
  Lobogalenopsis Müller & Collins 1991 CA04
  Pilumnomimus Müller & Collins 1991 CA04
  Pulalius Schweitzer et al. 2000 CA04
  Tumidocarcinus forsteri Aguirre-Urreta et al. 1995 CA04
  Paratumidocarcinus CA04
  Maingrapsus Tessier et al. 1999 CA04
  Paracorallicarcinus Tessier et al. 1999 CA04
  Georgeoplax Türkay 1983 CA04
  Pilumnopeus Milne Edwards 1863 CA04
    |--P. serratifrons HS01
    `--P. vanquelini (Audouin 1826) KK03
  Baricarcinus Casadío, de Angeli et al. 2004 CA04
    `--*B. mariae Casadío, de Angeli et al. 2004 CA04
  Bathypilumnus pugilator (Milne Edwards 1873) MG-H11
  Caecopilumnus piroculatus (Rathbun 1911) MG-H11
  Cryptolutea arafurensis Davie & Humphreys 1997 MG-H11
  Mertonia lanka Laurie 1906 MG-H11
  Paraselwynia MG-H11

*Glabropilumnus dispar (Dana 1852) [=Pseudozius dispar, Sphaerozius dispar; incl. Pilumnus nitidus Milne Edwards 1873] B64

Pilumnus novaezelandiae Filhol 1886 [=P. tomentosus novaezelandiae; incl. P. maori Borradaile 1916, P. novaezelandiae var. spinosa Filhol 1886] B64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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