Odontogammarus calcaratus, photographed by Gauthier Chapelle.

Belongs within: Gammaroidea.

The Micruropidae are a family of amphipods endemic to Lake Baikal in Russia.

<==Characters (from Bousfield 1977): Mostly large-eyed, pelagic, uropod III equally biramous, antennae and peraeopods elongate.

    |--Heterogammarus Stebbing 1899 [incl. Corophiomorphus Bazikalova 1945, Eurybiogammarus Bazikalova 1945] B77
    |    `--*H. sophianosi (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus sophianosi] B77
    |--Fluviogammarus Dovogostaisky 1917 B77
    |    `--*F. brachyurus [=Heterogammarus brachyurus] B77
    |--Odontogammarus Stebbing 1899 B77
    |    `--*O. calcaratus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus calcaratus] B77
    |--Baikalogammarus Stebbing 1899 B77
    |    `--*B. pullus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus pullus] B77
    |--Abyssogammarus Sowinski 1915 B77
    |    `--*A. sarmatus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus sarmatus] B77
    |--Leptostenus Bazikalova 1945 B77
    |    `--*L. leptocerus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus leptocerus] B77
    |--Macropereiopus Sowinski 1915 B77
    |    `--*M. albulus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus albulus] B77
    |--Polyacanthisca Bazikalova 1937 B77
    |    `--*P. calceolata Baz. 1937 B77
    |--Ommatogammarus Stebbing 1899 B77
    |    `-*O. albinus (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus albinus] B77
    |--Pseudomicruropus Bazikalova 1962 B77
    |    `--*P. rotundulatus Baz. 1945 B77
    `--Micruropus Stebbing 1899 [incl. Microgammarus] B77
         |  i. s.: M. alaskensis Bousfield & Hubbard 1968 B77
         |--*M. (Micruropus) wahli (Dyb. 1874) [=Gammarus wahli] B77
         |--M. (Gammarisca Baz. 1945) B77
         `--M. (Setogammarus Baz. 1945) B77

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B77] Bousfield, E. L. 1977. A new look at the systematics of gammaroidean amphipods of the world. Crustaceana Suppl. 4: 282-316.

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