Iphimediella margueritei, photographed by Cedric d'Udekem d'Acoz.

Belongs within: Amphipoda.

The Acanthonotozomatidae are a family of marine amphipods, particularly common in the Antarctic region. Many acanthonotozomatids are relatively large and spinose.

Characters (from Hurley 1954): Integument more or less indurated, processiferous. Head rostrate. Side-plates well developed, 1st-4th usually acuminate. Eyes well developed. Antennae I and II seldom elongate or very different in length, accessory flagellum rudimentary or absent. Mouthparts projecting downward, drawn out as if for piercing rather than biting. Gnathopod I very slender and feeble, simple or chelate; gnathopod II seldom strong. Peraeopods III-V with 2nd joint expanded, usually acute at one or more points on hind margin. Uropod III with rami lanceolate. Telson unarmed, apically emarginate.

    |--Parapanoploea Nicholls 1938 N38
    |    `--*P. oxygnathia Nicholls 1938 N38
    |--Pariphimediella N38
    |    |--P. microdentata [=Iphimedia microdentata, Iphimediella microdentata; incl. Iphimediella brevispinosa] N38
    |    |--P. octodentata Nicholls 1938 N38
    |    `--P. serrata N38
    |--Gnathiphimedia N38
    |    |--G. macrops N38
    |    |--G. mandibularis N38
    |    `--G. sexdentata [=Iphimediella sexdentata] N38
    |--Echiniphimedia N38
    |    |--E. echinata [=Iphimedia echinata] N38
    |    |--E. hodgsoni [=Iphimedia hodgsoni] N38
    |    `--E. scotti N38
    |--Panoploea [incl. Iphimediopsis Della Valla 1893] N38
    |    |--P. eblanae [=*Iphimediopsis eblanae] N38
    |    |--P. joubini [incl. P. j. var. bidentata Nicholls 1938] N38
    |    |--P. macrocystidis N38
    |    `--P. multidentata N38
    `--Iphimediella N38
         |--I. bransfieldi N38
         |--I. cyclogena N38
         |--I. intermedia Nicholls 1938 N38
         |--I. margueritei [incl. I. m. var. acuta Nicholls 1938] N38
         |--I. pacifica [=Gnathiphimedia pacifica] N38
         `--I. rigida N38

*Type species of generic name indicated


Hurley, D. E. 1954. Studies on the New Zealand amphipodan fauna. No. 9. The families Acanthonotozomatidae, Pardaliscidae and Liljeborgiidae. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 82 (3): 763-802.

[N38] Nicholls, G. E. 1938. Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914. Under the Leadership of Sir Douglas Mawson, O.B.E., B.E., D.Sc., F. R. S. Scientific Reports. Series C – Zoology and Botany vol. II, pt. 4. Amphipoda Gammaridea. David Harold Paisley, Government Printer: Sydney (Australia).

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